Error While Installing/Updating SureLC

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To install SureLC, see SuranceBay's Download Page and follow the steps on that page. 


This page helps you resolve issues you may encounter installing or updating SureLC on your computer. When the following steps do not resolve your difficulty, send an email to and one of our specialists will be happy to assist you.



The following error is caused by the system blocking SureLC from being installed.


 This can be caused by either your system not having the administrative rights to install/uninstall on your computer or this can also be caused by SureLC being unable to be removed.




When this error pops up while installing, please ensure nothing is blocking SureLC from being installed.  The following could cause SureLC being blocked:

  • You do not have Administrative Privileges to install on your computer.  Please follow up with your IT department to have them install SureLC as the Administrator.

  • You have a Malware/Virus protection software blocking our software from being installed.  Please ensure you add our server address to your list of exceptions.

If you still receive the error after following these steps, please contact us at



When you receive this error while Updating, this means that your system is blocking SureLC from Uninstalling the old version to install the new version. Please follow these steps to resolve:

Step 1: Uninstall SureLC

For instructions on how to uninstall a program, review your computer's support website:

Step 2: Re-install SureLC from the SureLC Download Page.


If these steps do not resolve your installation issue, email us at to escalate to Tier II support.


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