Error While Installing/Updating SureLC

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To install SureLC, see SuranceBay's Download Page and follow the steps on that page. 


This page helps you resolve issues you may encounter installing or updating SureLC on your computer. When the following steps do not resolve your difficulty, call us at (877) 264-6888 or send an email to and one of our specialists will be happy to assist you.



If you receive the following error, follow these steps.




Step 1:

Uninstall SureLC.

For instructions on how to uninstall a program, review your computer's support website:

If SureLC is not on the list of programs and you are working on Windows, continue with Step 2.  Otherwise uninstall SureLC, then re-install SureLC from the SureLC Download Page.


Step 2:

Ensure SureLC is removed completely from your computer by going to your "C:\Program Files (x86)" or "C:\Program Files" and look for a folder named "SureLC"

If there is no folder labeled "SureLC", continue with Step 3.  Otherwise remove the folder labeled "SureLC and then re-install SureLC from the SureLC Download Page.


Step 3:

You must completely remove any remnants of SureLC by using Windows FixIT

Click Run Now and follow the onscreen prompts to uninstall SureLC.


If these steps do not resolve your installation issue, call 877-264-6888 or email us at to escalate to Tier II support.


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