Adobe Acrobat DC Compatibility

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Is SureLC compatible with Adobe Acrobat DC?



For Mac Users:  

SureLC is NOT compatible with Acrobat DC 2019 or Reader DC 2019 at this time.  This is because of Adobe Air compatibility with Mac integration which does not support SureLC.  Because we are not partnered with Adobe, we do not have information on when this will be resolved. Meanwhile, you can roll back to an earlier version of Acrobat Reader.  However if you installed Acrobat Reader DC already, you must remove the PDF internet plug-ins before installing an earlier version.  To do this:

1.  Close SureLC 

2. Uninstall Acrobat/Reader



3.  Right Click on "Application" and choose "Show in Enclosing Folder"



4.  Delete the AdobePDF plug-ins from the Internet Plug-in folder.



5.  Install an earlier version of Reader: Click Here 

6.  Re-open SureLC 


 If you have no error message, log in.  If you receive an error message when starting SureLC - email to escalate to Tier II support.



For Window PC Users:

SureLC is compatible with Acrobat Reader DC.  If you receive the red error message on the log in screen, then the script files were not added for Acrobat DC.  To put the files where needed, do the following: 

1. Close SureLC 

2. Open your Programs folder



3. Copy the SureLC script files




4. Return to Program Files, and paste the SureLC script files in the Acrobat Javascripts folder



5. Locate the following folder

C:\ > Users > (main user) > AppData > Roaming > Adobe > Acrobat > Privileged

If you do not see the "AppData" folder,  change your settings to view hidden files: Click Here for instructions on viewing hidden files.


6. Copy then Paste one of the folders in the Privileged folder, and rename it to "2015".  If you have the newest version of Acrobat/Reader, you might have to also create another folder and name it "2017".



7. Reopen SureLC

 If you have no error message, log in.  If you have an error message starting SureLC - email to escalate to Tier II support.

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