How to Change your SureLC Email/Login User ID

Jim Friend -

Step 1: If you need to change the UserID email that you use to access SureLC, you'll first need to login with your current UserID email. This will be the email address that was used when you registered with your IMO/Agency. 


Step 2: Once logged in, you'll be taken to the SureLC Home page. The view will be slightly different depending on if you are logging in as an Agency Worker or a producer. In both cases click Accounts & Settings

Agency Worker View


 Producer View


Step 3:
From the Preferences window you can Change your login UserID, Change your login password, or delete your SureLC account (producers only). Select Change UserID. 



Step 4: Enter your password, type in the new email address you want to change your SureLC login UserID to, then enter it a 2nd time to confirm. Click Change email to save.   


Note to Producers: Changing the UserID login email DOES NOT change the contact email listed in your profile on the NIPR and DBA Tabs. If you need to also change the email addresses on those tabs, you must go to each tab and manually make those changes.


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    Lynne Dorman

    I tried to manually chnage the email address but its locked