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This post explains the rules and information related to how producers can log into their SureLC account.  Every SuranceBay BGA client is provided their own dedicated unique web link for their producers to use to register with their agency and provide access to their SureLC account. This link will be provided to you by your agency's licencing & contracting team. 


In the example above, the dedicated SureLC URL shown is assigned to SuranceBay's INTERNAL TESTING TEAM. Do NOT use this URL - this is only for demonstration purposes. Notice that there is a "1" at the end of this URL, which denotes agency #1 and is for SuranceBay internal purposes only. Your agency will have a separate URL that looks like this:  


After registering with your BGA (agency) you'll receive a confirmation email to activate your SureLC account and create your account password. 



For compliance reasons all users, including producers, must have strong passwords set up in order to access their account. The requirements are listed above. Following these rules enter your new password twice and click Change Password to save it. 


When registered with multiple BGA Agencies, please be aware of the following: 

  1. If, as a producer, you are associated with multiple BGA clients of SuranceBay's, you cannot use the same UserId email & password combination. You can use the same UserID email with different passwords or you can use the same password with different email addresses.  NOTE: All producers under a single BGA must have a unique email (userId).

  2. Please ensure you are using the dedicated SureLC URL (see above) for the agency that you initiate your requests through. For example, if you work with 'ABC Agency', 123 Agency', and 'XYZ Agency'  each one of these agencies have their own dedicated URL which you will have unique login credentials with. You must use the correct URL as well as entering your correct combination of UserID email & password associated for that agency. It is recommended that you create bookmarks for ALL agencies you are registered with labeling them appropriately to differentiate between the agency logins. 



Q1. How does a producer change their login credentials (either UserID email or password)?

A2. Login to the desired BGA client's dedicated URL and then click Accounts & Settings to change your UserID or password. For more information CLICK HERE. 

Q2. I forgot, or don't know, my login credentials. Can you help?

A2. Your Agency can provide you the login link and can reset your password. The SuranceBay support team can also assist with a password reset when you are locked out of your account. CLICK HERE for more details.

For all other support questions, search for answers on our Support Home Page, email us at, or call us at 877-264-6888.






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