Obtaining Copies of State Licenses

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Through SuranceBay's integration between SureLC and the National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR), both insurance producers and authorized submitters on behalf of producers can request state license renewals as well as submit non-resident license applications to the states.  Upon approval, SuranceBay often is asked for copies of the updated state license by our users.

Providing copies of state licenses is not something SuranceBay does because the states do not provide copies to SuranceBay.  The following information describes how to request a copy of a state license.


Important Information:

  • Each state has their own method of handling hard copies of your license.
  • Some states will not provide a hard copy without a direct request from the producer.
  • In many cases the state automatically sends out a paper copy to the producer within 7-10 business days of approval.


CLICK HERE to access state specific information related to obtaining a copy of your license via NIPR. 

If your state is not highlighted, contact the state's department of insurance.  To locate your state's department of insurance contact information, CLICK HERE.  

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