Hierarchies & Commission Setups Within SureLC

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Hierarchy/Commissions Setup

On a per-carrier basis, you may input pre-designated values for Hierarchy and Commissions as it relates to the information that should be applied to your carriers' transmittal forms.


  • Agency Code - in this field, input your agency's code as the carrier knows you by.
  • Commissions Level - input the desired commissions level
  • Hierarchy - Complete the hierarchy section as it relates to the carriers' specific transmittal PDF forms' section so they know who to pay. 


  • CLICK HERE to review a basic training video on Hierarchy & Commissions as it relates to the insurance industry.

 Additional Options:

  • Use GA Address - If you see this checkbox - then you may select this checkbox so that for the selected carrier, the mailing address applied to ALL of your producer's carrier contracting paperwork will be your agency's mailing address as designated within you Agency Setup > General Information Tab.
  • Set Product Lines - Use to restrict which product lines show on product selection screen when requesting appointments. 
  • Set States - Use to restrict which states show as options to choose on the state selection screen when requesting appointments. 
  • Set Affiliations - While your agency may work with 50 carriers, your agency may work with a group of producers who are restricted to working with only a subset of these 50 carriers (e.g. 10 carriers out of 50). Be sure to review our posting on Affiliations, and by using the 'Set Affiliation' button, you're able to designate on a per-affiliation basis whether or not the producer can request appointments for the carrier based on their affiliation.
  • Download Forms - Click this button to open up a folder on your computer that shows you the current blank PDF contracting forms for the selected carrier. 


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