How do I change a producers Affiliation back to All Offices?

Dennis Pavluk -

From time to time, you might find the need change a producers Affiliation back to All Offices, or the default Affiliation assigned to a producer when they are registered by someone in your office (without assigning one of your pre existing Affiliations) OR by the producer using your agency specific link. 

Lets take an Example. In my screen shot below, the producer named Test Business has the Affiliation "Morton Financial." 



Lets say Test Business was registered in my agency's SureLC system 6 months ago and assigned the Morton Financial Affiliation because at that time, he was a producer under Morton Financial. Fast forward to today when Test Business calls me and says he no longer produces under Morton Financial and now produces as an Independent. I want to un-assign him from the Morton Financial Affiliation and simply assign him the All Offices or default Affiliation.

It's quite easy to do. First, click on the producers Affiliation. This will bring up a list of your agency's current Affiliations.



Click on the producer current Affiliation. This closes the Affiliations window. Now, click on the producers Affiliation again and bring up the Affiliations list. You will see that the producers current Affiliation is highlighted. 


Final step here as now what you will do is hold down the Control (CRTL) key on your PC keyboard (that's Command on a MAC) and while holding that key down, mouse click directly on the highlighted Affiliation. 



You will now see that the producers Affiliation has been changed to All Offices. 



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    Eric Thorsteinson

    It worked for me!  Thanks!