Affiliations Within SureLC

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Affiliations can be created for a number of reasons:


  • Assigning or Sorting Producers by Territory.
  • Quick reference to Agency or Broker Dealer affiliation.


The following options require SubAgency access. 

    • Assigning Producers to specific Administrators in your Agency.

If you are interested in more information on SubAgencies, go Sub-Agency Info for SureLC.

How do I create Affiliations:

If you've already started creating Affiliations in SureLC and have been free-form typing this field, you can now synchronize the existing affiliations.  This transfers your manually typed affiliation options into a drop-down menu selection eliminating the need to re-type these fields with each entry.


1.       SYNC  your existing Affiliation.

  • Only Administrators with "OFFICE MANAGER" access can complete this process.
  • Go to your Agency Setup page.
  • Select Administrators.



  • Your CURRENT affiliations display on the right side of the SYNC pop-up window.
  • Select each affiliation to keep.  This can be done individually, or Ctrl and select multiple entries at one time.
  • Select ADD BRANCH to move the affiliations to the left side of the SYNC pop-up window.
  • Select DONE..



2. If there are any Affiliations that you need to create, remove, or rename due to a typo, etc. follow these steps:

Creating a NEW affiliation name

  • Go to  the Agency Setup page.
  • Select Administrator.
  • Type the name of the Affiliation.
  • Select ADD.



REMOVE an Affiliation

  • Select the affiliation to remove.
  • Select REMOVE.




RENAMING Affiliation to an existing affiliation.

  • Select the affiliation to RENAME/CHANGE on the right side.
  • Select the Affiliation on the left that you would like to change the affiliation to.
  • Select OVERRIDE.
  • Select "DONE"



 How do I apply an Affiliation:

After creating Affiliation names, use this process to apply these to your Producers.


  • From the Home page, select Info & Appointments.
  • Search for your Producer
  • Select the Affiliation hyperlink on the Producer Profile card. 


  • Select the Affiliation to assign.
  • Select ENTER.




Affiliation is a way to designate how the producer does business with your agency. The producer's affiliation can be used in a number of ways. These are a few examples of using a producer's affiliation:


  • Limiting carrier availability based on a producer's affiliation. Suppose your agency works with 50 carriers and your agency works with a group of agents who have the affiliation of "ABC Financial". Suppose "ABC Financial" only allows its agents to work with 20 of the 50 carriers that your agency does. You have the ability to manage this directly in SureLC so that those producer's with "ABC Financial" can only request appointments for the 20 carriers they're authorized to work with instead of the entire set of carriers your agency works with.

           To restrict Carrier availability by Affiliation:

  1. Go to Agency Set Up and click on Carriers.
  2. Choose a Carrier from your list and click Set Affiliation.
  3. To restrict a certain Affiliation from seeing a carrier on the Carrier selection list when requesting an appointment,  uncheck the box next to that Affiliation name. 

Auto Designate Contact and DBA Info

  • Auto-designating email, phone, address info used on contracting paperwork based on affiliation. Continuing with the "ABC Financial" example, suppose that ABC Financial prefers all email, snail-mail, phone calls, etc. from the carrier to go directly to a designated person from ABC Financial (rather than the producer). You can make these designations without having to override the data entered by the producer when he or she sets up their profile.
  • Auto-designating DBA type. Suppose all producers of an affiliation (e.g. ABC Financial) are licensed-only agents with commissions being paid to ABC Financial. You can auto-designate this so the producer doesn't have to make the selection between Individual (an individual gets paid commissions to themselves) and Solicitor -- not all producer's necessarily know the distinction.

          To auto designate DBA information:

  1. Go to Agency Set Up and click DBA.
  2. At the top of that screen, choose a defined affiliation and click Add Template.
  3. Type in the name of the Affiliation for which you are setting up this template. Make sure you are typing in the Affiliation exactly as it appears in your system. Example: If you have an Affiliation named Morton Financial Services, type in Morton Financial Service. If you type in Morton Financial, this template will not work with the desired Affiliation.
  4. Once you have added the template, configure the information by entering E-Mail, phone and fax numbers and choosing either Never Use or Always Use.
  5. Choose which DBA Type the producer's DBA Tab defaults to. If you choose Licensed Only Agent, the system prompts you to choose who the producer is an LOA for. 

Auto Designate Hierarchy and Commission Schedules

  • Auto-selection of carrier hierarchy/comp schedules. SureLC supports setting up multiple carrier schedules. For example, one of our agencies has 30 different schedules set up for Lincoln Financial. That way, the user at the agency only has to select the name of the schedule and all of the data (commission levels and hierarchy) are auto-filled on the transmittal. Suppose that your agency has 30 different schedules and one of those schedules is named "ABC Financial". Selecting the ABC Financial commission schedule defaults (although, the ability to modify exists) so your admin users don't have to search through 30 different pre-built schedules to find the correct one.

         To allow the system to auto select a carrier Hierarchy and Commission schedule            by Affiliation:

  1. Go to Agency Set Up and choose Carriers then choose a Carrier from your list.
  2. Click Add Schedule and name it exactly as an existing Affiliation.
  3. Click Add Schedule again and fill in the Hierarchy and Commission information. When contracting for a producer with this Affiliation, when you get to Step 4 or processing, SureLC automatically defaults to the Affiliation schedule you created. 
  • Sub-Agency Access. There's more details related to Sub-Agency access here: .... the long story short on this one is if your agency sets up Sub-Agency access .... this will distinguish between which producers a sub-agency worker can "see". Suppose your agency enables Sub-Agency Access for ABC Financial - only those users authorized by your agency/ABC Financial will be able to see ONLY those producers with affiliation of "ABC Financial" instead of the entire set of producers in your agency's SureLC system.





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