How do I create an Affiliation Link in SureLC

Dennis Pavluk -

To create an Affiliation Link in Sure LC, follow these steps. 

1. Go to Agency L&C Setup and select the Admins tab. When enabled the Affiliation section will be displayed in the right pane. 

Please Note: If you don't see the Affiliations section on this tab, send an e-mail to stating that you need access to the Affiliations section of the Admins tab.

***Note: If the Affiliation you want to use is already in your list of Affiliations, skip to Step 3***



2. Enter a new affiliation in the New Affiliation field and click Add



3. After adding the new affiliation, click Add Config (it's along the bottom right-hand side of the screen).



4. On the Add Config Tab, click on the Affiliation name showing under Value, then choose the Affiliation you just created. 


5. Configure the link depending on the information you want to display on the SureLC registration screen when new producers sign up in your SureLC system. For example: If you do not want the name of your agency displayed on the registration page, make sure that Visible is unchecked next to Agency

Because you are setting this link up for a specific affiliation, you more than likely do not want producers to change the Affiliation on the registration screen. If this is the case, make sure that Editable is unchecked next to Affiliation



6. (Optional) Choose a default option for business type on the producers DBA Tab. For example, if you want all producers registering using this link to default their DBA Tab to Individual, choose Individual in the DBA drop down. If the producer should choose the business type on the DBA Tab, choose None

The example below shows the DBA Tab choice set to Licensed Only Agent. When choosing Licensed Only Agent, you then need to choose the business entity for which they are soliciting. 



7. After completing the link configuration, click on Copy Direct Link. If it looks like nothing happens when you do this, do not panic. Pressing Copy Direct Link placed a copy of the link to your computer's Clipboard so you can paste it wherever needed. For example, you can paste the link into an e-mail to your downline or to your IT guy to place on your website.



8. For every affiliation link you create, test it to make sure the link works correctly. After clicking Copy Direct Link, open a new window in your internet browser, right click in the address field, choose Paste, then load the page. This takes you to a SureLC login screen. 

9. Save this page as a bookmark or favorite in your internet browser. This way you can easily get the link without having to go into SureLC to re-configure; you can load the bookmark, click in the address field, choose Copy and then paste the link wherever you need it, be it for an e-mail or other electronic form. 

10. When producers use this link to register in SureLC under your agency, they automatically are added to your system with the designated affiliation. 


***For more information about using Affiliations in SureLC, click HERE***


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