Using "Contact per Affiliation" in SureLC

Jim Friend -

If you are using the Affiliations function in SureLC, but want your producers to see an agency name and contact information other than your agency's on notices that go to the producer from SureLC, you'll want to use the Contact per Affiliation function. 

Example: You bring on a down line, lets call it XYZ Agency. And under that down line are 50 producers who have been assigned the XYZ Agency Affiliation. When you do contracting for those producers, you will have to send them a Review Request. The e-mail the producer gets from SureLC will have your agency's name and contact information included, not XYZ Agency's.

In SureLC, the Contact per Affiliation function can change this. Follow the steps below. 

1. Open SureLC and select Agency L&C Setup. On the General Info tab in the basic info section make sure the Use Affiliation Name check box is selected. 

2. Click on the Admins Tab. If you are using the Affiliation function in SureLC, you will see your Affiliation list along the right hand side of the screen. Choose an Affiliation from this list, then click the Contact per Affiliation check box.   


3. At the bottom of the screen, you will see fields where you can input the name and contact information you want producers to see in any e-mail notices that come from your agency through SureLC. Enter as much or as little information as you need. 


4. The information you enter here is automatically saved. From that point on, any Review Request e-mails that are sent to the producer from SureLC will show the the information you input under Contact per Affiliation

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