Agency Training-Using Affiliations in SureLC

Dennis Pavluk -



 Why Affiliations:

                        Assign/sort by territory

                        Quick reference to agency or BD information

                        Carrier selection restriction

                        Just a few examples

Affiliations Screen:

            Agency Set Up

                        If you already have Affiliations, they will show here

            Sync Affiliations

                        Sync ones that are used

                        Leave others out

            Add new Affiliation (type in new affiliation, click Add)

            Remove Affiliation (click on affiliation form list, click Remove)

            Contacts per Affiliation

                        Use when sending Review Request

                                    Will show affiliation on e-mail

Sub Agency Access:

            Give Sub Agency access to SureLC to see only producers with that Affiliation

                        Can add producers and request appointments

                        Cannot process appointments


Apply an Affiliation:

            Producer Profile Card

                        Click Affiliation link/Choose new one

            Sort by Affiliation/Info and Appointments

            Search by Affiliation/Info and Appointments

Create Affiliation links:

            Add Affiliation if needed

                        Agency Set Up/Admin Tab

            Add Config

                        Set up link by Affiliation

Limit Carrier Selection by Affiliation:

                        Agency Set Up

                                    Carriers Tab

                                                Set Affiliation

Carrier Schedule by Affiliation:

                        Name schedule EXACTLY as Affiliation.

When processing appointment for producer with that Affiliation, on Step 4 of processing, that schedule will default.

Set Group E&O by Affiliation:

                        Agency Set Up

                                    E&O Tab

Set DBA By Affiliation:

                        Agency Set Up

                                    DBA Tab

                                                Add Template (name EXACTLY as Affiliation)

                                                Set Up by Affiliation

                                                            Show on Producers DBA Tab


                        Sort producers list by Affiliation

                        Sort Appointments By Producers list by Affiliation   




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