Agency Training- Using the Carriers Tab in SureLC.

Dennis Pavluk -

Using the Carriers Tab Outline:


Carriers Tab:

            What is the Carriers Tab

                        Create Carrier list

                        Create Hierarchy and Commission Schedules

                        View blank carrier forms

                        Restrict Carrier products

                        Restrict states

                        Restrict Carrier by Affiliation

Viewing the Carriers Tab:

                        Agency Set Up


Adding a Carrier:

                        Click on Available

                                    Search/Scroll to Carrier and click

                        Click on Selected to get back to list

Delete a Carrier:

                        From Available list

                                    Click Red X

Download Forms:

                        Shows blank forms for this carrier

                        View forms/double click

                        Save forms/right click/save

                        Send updates to

Setting up a Hierarchy:

                        Where does your agency fall in the Hierarchy

                                                Name/Writing Code with Carrier


                                                Name/Writing Code (if avail)

                        Default schedule/one that will be used the most.

 Setting up Commissions:              

                        Speak the Carriers language

                        Default schedule/one that will be used the most.

Create multiple schedules:

                        Add Schedule

                                    Name/Add Schedule

                        Copy’s Default schedule

                                    Make changes as needed

                                    View schedules from dropdown

Rename Schedule:

                        Click Rename

                                    Type new name

                                    Click Save Schedule

Remove Schedule:

                        Click Remove

                        Click OK.

Use GA Address:

                        Agency address used on only this carriers forms

Set Product Lines:

                     Restrict carrier products that can be chosen when requesting appointment.

Set States:

                     Restrict states that can be choses when requesting appointments.

Set Affiliations:

                     Restrict Carriers by Affiliation that can be chosen when requesting appointments.



  •        When the carrier's forms require information on EVERYONE in the hierarchy from Top to Bottom (To include the Producer you're       contracting)....AND...... you need to indicate WHERE in the hierarchy your PRODUCER will need to be placed (May not be the lowest level).

• Lincoln Financial (on their Comp Builder forms)
• American National (On their Contract Checklist page)
• Forethought (This carrier has multiple transmittals for each product line. The STRICT option allows you to select the "Applicant" level for each Product line)

            Click the Strict checkbox

                        Click Name field in Hierarchy where producer needs to go

                        Choose Applicant




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