Agency Training: Using Reports in SureLC

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Agency Training: Using Reports in SureLC 



 What are reports in SureLC?

 A way to look at certain data stored in SureLC.

 Can show helpful information about Contracting status as well as  Producer information, Appointment Status and Expiration Dates of certain policies and training -- even birthdays, if needed.

Viewing Reports:

Click on Reports button on SureLC Home screen.

Contracting Status:

This report provides information on appointments created per carrier and their current stage.

You see a list with the Carriers your agency has created appointments for as well as the number of appointments by stage they are in.

You can search by set times such as 'Last Week'  and 'Last Month' or utilize the 'Custom' option with 'From' and 'To' date ranges.

Once the report populates you can view or save a copy using Export button on the top right of the screen.

Errors and Omissions Expiration:

This report shows you the carriers your producers have an E&O policy in SureLC and when the policy expires along with some producer demographics.

Load this report using the provided date searches of 'Last Week' or 'Last Month' as well as a 'Custom' date range.

To export the list, click Export button on the top right.

AML Expiration:                 

The AML (Anti-Money Laundering) Expiration report is a resource for identifying those producers who completed their AML training.

The report shows which provider they used for their AML training, their completion date and some producer demographic data.

You can choose to view the report based on '1 Year or Older', '2 Years or Older' or '3Years and Older' date ranges using the corresponding radio buttons on the top of the report screen.

You can export this report using Export at the top of the screen. 

Appointments By Producer:

This report shows the appointments processed by your agency for a producer with the following available data:

  • Created On - Date the appointment request was initiated.
  • Affiliation - The producer's affiliation within SureLC.
  • Carrier -  Carrier this request is for.
  • Type -  Contract, Add State, Hierarchy changer, etc.
  • App States - States being requested in appointment.
  • Products - Selected Products.
  • Stage - Current stage.
  • Reviewed - If the appointment was reviewed by the producer.
  • Paperwork Date - Date selected for paperwork.
  • Confirmation Date - Date appointment was confirmed by the agent.
  • Processed By - Who processed this appointment at your agency.

Note that only a processed appointment is displayed here. 

Any appointments started but unfinished are not displayed here.

You can view the report using the provided date options of 'Last Week', 'Last Month' radio buttons at the top or with the custom date range option.

You can download this report to use in Excel or other spreadsheet processing programs using Export on the top right.

Producers List:

This report shows all the producers in your agency's SureLC and contains their basic demographic data along with:

  • Date Added - Date the producer was added to SureLC
  • Last Appointment - Date an appointment was last created for this producer.
  • Affiliation - Affiliation for the producer in SureLC

This information is also available using Additional Fields at the top of the screen:

  • DBA - How the agent is setup to Do-Business-As in SureLC.
  • Agency - If the producer is tied to an agency.
  • Solicits For - Which agent, if any, the producer is under for soliciting purposes.

With this information you can better understand how your agency is using SureLC and who is performing for you.

You can export this report if needed using Export on the top right.


This report provides the license number, license status (Active or Inactive), license state, eligibility status, renewal status and date the license expires along with producer demographic data.

You can choose to view Inactive, Active or All license data for your producers in SureLC using the corresponding radio buttons at the top of the screen.

You can export this report to use with any spreadsheet program, such as Excel, using Export at the top right of the screen.


If your agency likes to recognize birthdays, SureLC makes it easy with this report.

This area displays the producer's 'Last Name', 'First Name' and 'DOB' (Date of Birth) details and you can export it if needed using Export at the top of the screen.


Web Reports:

Web-Reports are those reports that SuranceBay makes available to your agency based on requests submitted by your agency.  

At times, you may find that some Web-Reports have been added for your agency automatically.

Your agency can also request a custom report. If this custom report is not reusable (able to be used at other agencies as well) there will be a custom development fee. Send your request to and our Reports Team will send you a quote stating how much it will cost to develop and deploy this report for you in SureLC.

How Web Reports Work:

When you click on Web Reports in SureLC, a browser tab opens.  

The browser tab that opens depends on your default web-browser tool.

For example, if your default web-browser is Internet Explorer, then Internet Explorer opens with a separate tab related to SureLC Web-Reports.  

Likewise, if your default browser is Google Chrome, a separate tab opens in Google Chrome with access to SureLC Web Reports. 

Displaying a Web Report: 

            Once you have chosen the report you want to run and entered all the necessary search data, click one of the buttons below to display the report in format you need.

                        Export to HTML:       

                                    Opens the report in Web Browser

                        Export to PDF:          

                                    Opens the report in Adobe Reader

                        Export to Excel:

                                    Opens the report in Excel

                        Export to CSV:                      

                                    Downloads the report information in a Comma Separated Values allowing you to save the data in a table structured format. (usually in Excel)





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