Agency Training: Managing Your Producer's Appointments Page

Dennis Pavluk -

Managing Your Producers Appointments


Navigating to a producers Appointments page:

                        Info and Appointments

                                    Bring up producers Profile Card

                                                Appointments Link

 Sorting Producer Appointments:

                        All Open

                                    Encompasses all requests that are Open              




                        At BGA

                                    Submitted by Producer. Not yet Processed by BGA

                        At Carrier

                                    Processed by BGA

                        At Producer

                                    Requested by Producer. Not yet submitted to BGA


                                    Requests moved to Completed status by Agency 


                                    Requests moved to Discarded status by Agency

Appointments page Icons:

                                    Legend Button

                                                White Clock

                                                            Review Request sent less than 24 hrs ago

                                                Yellow Clock

                                                            Review Request sent more than 24 hrs ago

                                                Red Flag

                                                            Review Request sent more than 48 hrs ago

                                                Green Check

                                                            Appointment paperwork review completed


                                                            Appointment paperwork has been sent

                                                Download Button     

                                                            Saved forms

Clicking on Appointments Screen Icons:

                                    White Clock

                                                Re-send review request

                                    Yellow Clock

                                                Re-send review request

                                    Red Flag

                                                Re-send review request

                                    Green Check

                                                Shows reviewed on date and reviewers IP Address


                                                Regenerates the e-mail that was sent during processing


                                               Shows folder on PC/Network where appointment forms are stored

Add Comment:

                        Single click on carrier name

                                    Click Add Comment button

                                                Enter comment in comments section

                                                Do not show to producer

                                                Press Save

                        Move appointment back or to various stages

                                    Example: Move from Carrier back to BGA

                                                Click BGA radio button.

                                                            Click Save

                                    Example: Move to Completed

                                                Click Completed button

                                                            Input Agent number if possible

                                                                        Click Save

                        Discard an Appointment

                                    Click on Discarded

                                                Add comments if needed

                                                            Do not show to producer

                                                                                    Click Save

Open an Appointment for Processing:

                        Double click on Appointment

                                    Proceed through Steps 1 thru 5

                                                Add schedule

                                                            Choose where to e-mail

                                                                        Press Process                                                  










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