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 This article covers processing appointment requests through SureLC.



Selecting the Producer

  • Click on Info & Appointment on the Home page.



  • Use the search field in the top right hand corner to reduce the number of listed producers. Type at least 1 character of the Producer's First name, Last name or Affiliation.
  • Click on the APPOINTMENT link on the Producer's Label.




Initiating Producer Appointment Requests

Sometimes, it's necessary for Agency Administrators to start appointment requests for producers. To do so, click on Request Appointment to proceed.





Carrier Selection & Request Type


The list of carriers displayed are those carriers your agency has designated that you work with. If the producer has an affiliation that is not one of your Agency's selected carriers, the carrier is not displayed. Click Setup carriers or view more information in Agency Setup for managing your carriers.




New Request or Open Existing

If you've previously processed a request for the same carrier, a message displays asking if you'd like to open the existing request or perform a new request. Most times you'll select New Request.



Request Types

SureLC supports the following request types:

  • Contract - Select this option when the producer is newly contracted with the carrier. If the producer was previously contracted with the carrier through another agency (or your own), select Transfer. Contract type requests are only used the very first time the producer is contracted with the carrier, regardless of the producer to agency to carrier relationship.
  • Add State - Select this option if the producer is already appointed with the carrier through your agency but you need to request the carrier to appoint the agent in a state the producer was not previously appointed in through your agency.
  • Hierarchy - Select this option if you're looking to change the commission level, or the hierarchy, for which the producer who is ALREADY appointed with through your agency, but you just need to make a commission level or hierarchy level change to.
  • Payment - Select this option if the producer, or business entity, is already appointed with the carrier through your agency and the bank account information for direct deposits by the carrier has changed.
  • Transfer - Select this option if the producer was ever contracted with the carrier or if the producer has an active appointment with the carrier but is requesting appointment through your agency.




State & Product Selection

  • Select the states that your Producer is requesting to be appointed. Select all that apply. Only states that the producer has an active insurance license display as available options. 

  • Products: Different carriers have different departments which process appointment requests. Many carriers have different sets of appointment request forms that are used based on product lines. Only select those product lines needed for the appointment request.
  • NOTE: Product line selections dictate which forms populate. In some instances selecting Fixed Life and Long Term Care initiates 2 sets of paperwork.



Carrier Specific Questions

When producers complete their SureLC profile, they complete approximately 90-95% of all questions asked by carriers for contracting paperwork. Should a carrier have questions that are not completed in the producer's SureLC profile, they' display listed on this step. 

  • Sometimes, questions specific to the agency to answer are listed here and don't require the producer to answer.
  • If the producer initiated their appointment request, the producer already has answered all required questions.
  • If the Agency Administrator is initiating the appointment request, click Request Review at the top of this page to request the producer answer their questions. 




Once the producer completes the Review Request, the e-mail address displayed on your Agency Set Up screen receives a notification stating the review has been completed. Once the review is completed, you can go back into the appointment and continue processing. For more information about Review Requests and how they work, click HERE. For a tutorial video on how to complete a Review Request, click HERE. 



If it's been more than 60 days (2 months) since the producer reviewed their standard background question answers, this separate page is displayed asking to confirm that the answers are still accurate. Over time, answers to background questions may change, so this procedure ensures that the producer's answers to the SureLC standard background questions are up to date so they can be represented appropriately to the carrier on their appointment request paperwork.




When processing contracting paperwork, carriers need to know who and how much to pay the agent. One important aspect to these requirements is how the producer is Doing Business As, as configured in their SureLC profile. Another aspect are the settings configured in the Commissions & Hierarchy Settings.

  • If you've set-up commission/hierarchy schedules within Agency Setup, then select the desired schedule for this agent.
  • Alternatively, you can enter the commission level and hierarchy settings on this step.
  • You may bypass this step if it is more convenient to input the information directly on the PDF forms during the processing phase of SureLC.








The last step lets you review all the forms ready for processing and make any final adjustments.

Paperwork Date

• Select a Paperwork Date for the forms. This date is applied to the contracting paperwork forms.

• If you do not select a date, the default date is today.




Send To: Email Address

SureLC allows you to send contracting forms directly to the carrier, to the BGA, the Administrator, or the producer. You can select multiple options at once.



Hovering your mouse over the different options displays the actual email address where the forms will be sent.




  • CARRIER - If selected the contract is emailed directly to the carrier's central contracting department[s email address. CLICK HERE for information on why you may not be able to email the carrier directly from SureLC. 
  • BGA - If selected, forms are processed and sent to the BGA email address on file in SureLC > Agency Setup > General Information.
  • Administrator - If selected, forms are sent to the email address logged into SureLC.
  • Producer - Be sure to hover your mouse over the Producer selection to see the email address where contracts will be sent. Even though you may select Producer so they have a copy of the forms submitted to the carrier, the Producer will not receive a copy of the Transmittal forms that include Hierarchy/Commission levels.


HINT: SuranceBay recommends that you send all contracting paperwork to either the BGA or Administrator, and not select the carrier. If you select Carrier, the carrier receives the contracting paperwork from and while the email body includes your agency's contact information, many carriers simply click on "reply" which sends the reply to - an unmonitored email address. By selecting either BGA or Administrator, you receive the paperwork in your inbox so you can forward it to the carrier so that when the carrier replies, you reply comes to you. 



Selecting the Certified By Signature

Select the Certified By person from the drop-down menu.


  • This always defaults to your #1 Principal established under your Agency Setup
  • If you have an Upline that you send contracting to for upline signatures, select None from the drop-down selection for the "Certified By" person. This leaves all upline signatures blank.


Previewing the Forms

SureLC allows you to preview any of the forms. Click the preview icon next to the form you would like to view.



HINT: If you want to make any changes to data displayed in the previewed PDF file, do not make changes to the previewed PDF form. Make any changes to the PDF forms only after you click Process, to ensure your changes are applied to the package that's emailed out.


Selecting Optional Documents

Select any OPTIONAL documents you need included from the Forms List. 



Optional Documents are documents not required by the Carrier in order to contract.

  • Optional Documents are not selected with check marks under the forms list in step 5. 
  • Optional Documents could include Annualization Forms. 
  • Optional Documents could also include various agreements to select, if the carrier allows multiple agreements based on the contract type. Be sure to select only those forms that are needed.
  • Any Forms not selected in the list, are not included in the merged package that's emailed out.

HINT: If do not see a form that's needed, first verify that the form you're looking for is required based on how the producer is set up as Doing Business As within their profile.  Next, verify that the form you're looking for is needed based on the product selection types designated in the previous steps. After verifying the producer is set up correctly for DBA, and correct product lines are selected, email if you're still missing forms you expect. In your email include the producer's name and the carrier's name so we can get back to you right away.



Processing Forms

Once you have selected all of the contracting forms to include in the bundle, as well as selected where to email the forms to, the next step is to click Process.




  • Pause Button - By default, all selected forms have the Pause option set to Yes. This means that after you click Process, each selected PDF form is viewable by you and allows you to edit any information (e.g. hierarchy/commissions) settings on a per-PDF form basis. Only edit PDF forms after you've clicked Process to ensure that the received contracting paperwork from SureLC has your modifications.


Once the processing phase is over, you receive notification indicating that the Email has been Submitted. This means that SureLC sent the selected forms to the designated email address. It may take a few minutes for you to receive the forms via email. If you have any troubles receiving the expected email, CLICK HERE for further troubleshooting.

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