Reports (Retired on May 18, 2018)

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The Reports module has been retired from the Home screen.  The Web Reports module contains updated versions of all reports from the retired module.  The list of retired reports and their replacements in the Web Reports module is as follows:

Original Report Web Report(s) Which Replace It
Contracting Status Contracting Status
Errors & Omissions Expiration Errors and Omissions Expiration
AML Expiration AML Expiration
Appointments by Producer Appointments by Producer
Producers List Agency Producer List Detail
Licenses Producer License Details, Expiring Licenses
Birthdays Birthdays


The information below is for the Reports module which is no longer available in the current SureLC software.  It is being presented for reference purposes only.

This article describes the different Reports available when you click Reports in SureLC:



This report provides volumes on appointments created per carrier and their current stage. A list displays with the Carriers your agency has created appointments with as well as the number of appointments and their current stage. You can search using set time intervals like 'Last Week'  and 'Last Month' or use the 'Custom' option with 'From' and 'To' date ranges. When the report generates you can view or save a copy using Export on the top right.





This report shows the carrier your producers have an E&O policy  with in SureLC, when the policy and some producer demographics that you may find helpful. You can generate this report using the provided date searches of 'Last Week' or 'Last Month' or a 'Custom' date range. To export the report for your own use, click Export on the top right.





The AML (Anti Money Laundering) Expiration report displays those producers who have completed their AML training. The report shows which provider they used for their AML, their completion date and some producer demographic data. You can view the report based on '1 Year or Older', '2 Years or Older' or '3Years and Older' date ranges using the corresponding radio buttons on the top of the report screen. You can export this report for your own use using Export at the top of the screen.





This report shows the appointments processed by your agency for a producer with the following information:

  • Created On - Date the appointment request began.
  • Affiliation - The producer's affiliation in SureLC.
  • Carrier -  Carrier associated with this request.
  • Type -  Contract, Add State, Hierarchy changer, etc.
  • App States - States being requested in appointment.
  • Products - Selected Products.
  • Stage - Current stage.
  • Reviewed - If the appointment was reviewed by the producer.
  • Paperwork Date - Date of paperwork.
  • Confirmation Date - Date the appointment was confirmed by agent if carrier requires.
  • Processed By - Who processed this appointment in your agency.

Note that only a processed appointment displays. Any appointments started but unfinished are not displayed. You can view the report using the provided date options of 'Last Week', 'Last Month' or with the custom date range option at the top of the screen. You can also download this report to use in Excel or other spreadsheet processing programs using Export on the top right.





This report shows all the producers in your agency's SureLC and contains their basic demographic data and:

  • Date Added - Date producer/agent was added to SureLC
  • Last Appointment - Date of the last created appointment by this producer/agent.
  • Affiliation - Affiliation of the producer/agent in SureLC

You can also see the following using Additional Fields at the top of the screen:

  • DBA - How the agent is setup to Do-Business-As in SureLC.
  • Agency - If the producer/agent is tied to an agency.
  • Solicits For - Which agent, if any, the producer/agent is under for soliciting purposes.

With this information you can better understand how your agency is using SureLC and who is performing for you. You can export this report using Export on the top right.





This report displays the license number, license status (Active or Inactive), license state, eligibility status, renewal status and date the license expires and producer demographic data. You can choose to view 'Inactive', 'Active' or 'All' license data for your producers in SureLC using the corresponding radio buttons at the top of the screen. You can export this report to use with any spreadsheet program, such as Excel, using Export at the top right.





If your agency likes to recognize birthdays, SureLC makes it easy with this report. Displayed is the producer's 'Last Name', 'First Name' and 'DOB' (Date of Birth) details and you can export the report using Export at the top of the screen.



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