Agency Setup

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This article covers the different configurations available within Agency L&C Setup of SureLC:


Once logged in to SureLC, click Agency L&C Setup.




Once you select Agency L&C Setup the General Info Screen displays by default.



This Section Describes Each Option.

  • Name: This is your agency's name and is used on many sections of contracting paperwork. If your agency uses different names, enter your name as it is known by the insurance companies. For example, suppose your agency markets itself as "ABC Agency" but you are known to the carriers as "XYZ Agency", enter "XYZ Agency".
  • EIN: Enter the Employer Identification Number associated with your Name field.
  • Manager: Enter the name of the Contracting Manager at your agency. The name in this section is used on email notices as well as on carrier contracting paperwork generated by SureLC. You may leave this blank or enter something like "Contracting Manager" in this field.
  • Email: Enter the email address for the Contracting Manager or your agency's generic Contracting email address. Do not leave this field blank as it causes problems with emails and fields applied to carrier contracting paperwork.
  • Phone: Enter the phone number dedicated to your agency's contracting department. If you don't have a dedicated phone number for your contracting department, enter your agency's primary contact phone number. The phone number entered is used on email templates and carrier contracting paperwork.
  • Fax: Enter the fax number dedicated to your agency's contracting department. If you don't have a dedicated fax number for your contracting department, enter your agency's primary fax number. The fax number entered is used on email templates and carrier contracting paperwork.
  • Use GA Address: Some agencies prefer to use the agency's mailing address for all producers, for all carriers, instead of the producer's mailing address.  Select this checkbox only if you want the mailing address applied to all of your producer's contracting paperwork. If you want to use specific addresses on a per-carrier basis or for a group of producers, do not select this checkbox.
  • DBA Templates: Selecting this checkbox enables an additional tab within Agency Setup called "DBA".  See DBA Tab for more information.
  • Show Affiliation List to Producers: SuranceBay's SureLC subscribers are provided unique SureLC-Web link (URL) that their producers use to register themselves and complete their requisite workflows.  If you select this checkbox, producers can view and select from the list of Affiliations set up by your agency for producers.  If not selected, producers only see the normal registration screen and your agency must designate the producer's affiliation.  This is what producers see on the registration screen when you select this option. This is what producers see on the registration screen when you do not select this option.
  • Use Agency eMail: This selection is very similar to the 'Use GA Address' selection.  By selecting Use Agency eMail, you are telling SureLC to use a dedicated email address for every producer, for every carrier on contracting paperwork so that carriers contact your agency directly instead of the producer's email address. Select this option only if you want all producers, for all carriers to have the entered email address added to carrier contracting paperwork.
  • Appointment email: This option is available only when Use Agency eMail is selected.  The email address entered into this field is applied to all producer's contracts, for all carriers.
  • Notify on producer creation: With this checkbox selected, producers registering using your agency's dedicated SureLC-Web link receive a notification from SuranceBay of the new producer registration details with your SureLC account in the appointment email.
  • ClearCert Enabled: SuranceBay offers integration with ClearCert.  When selected, this checkbox means that your agency subscribes to the integration with ClearCert.  Only SuranceBay's Front Desk Team can enable this service after receiving notice from ClearCert that your agency has signed up for the integration.  CLICK HERE for more information on the integration between SureLC and ClearCert.
  • Suspend Retrieval: Selecting this checkbox indicates that when you select Info & Appointments, that none of your producers display which requires you to search for a producer to work with. When deselected, clicking on Info & Appointments in SureLC loads all of your producers to sort through. (You can still search for the desired producer, though).  We recommend that you select this checkbox to prevent loading all of your producers because when you click on Info & Appointments you are going to work with just one producer.
  • Validation Rules Choose the required information to include in a producer's profile before he or she can request an appointment. 
  • Licenses - SureLC stands for Sure Licensing & Contracting. In SureLC, we provide users the ability to renew or procure state licenses directly. More Information can be found by CLICKING HERE. The Licenses button within this section designates the frequency of automated license email notifications to your producers, to your agency, or both.
  • Office Phones - SureLC can insure that phone #'s used in producers' profiles aren't re-used too frequently.  This prevents agencies working with producers from entering their phone #'s in producers' profiles.  However, SuranceBay knows that your agency may work with a group of producers (for example, a call-center) where all the producers have a central phone number such as 800-555-1212.  To prevent SureLC issuing warning messages related to the same phone number being used redundantly across multiple producers, use Office Phones to manually designate a unique phone number used by many different producers.  After entering the phone numbers in this section, SureLC will not issue warning messages for a phone number used across multiple producers' profiles.
  • Mailing Address: Enter the mailing address for your agency.
  • Business Address: Enter the business address for your agency.
  • Storage Options: By default, SureLC auto-saves processed contracting paperwork directly to the computer used by the agency worker. However, if your agency workers' computer workstations are connected to a network drive, you may designate a specified location to save all processed contracting paperwork. Contact your IT department for more details.
  • Principals: Most carriers within SureLC require one person to sign off on the carriers' contracting paperwork. When a carrier has only one person who signs off on the producer's appointment request (contracting paperwork), during the Appointment Processing phase of SureLC, the system lists the available persons who can "sign" from this section.  For example, suppose your agency works with 10 carriers, and for all 10 carriers, "John Doe" is the person who signs off on the paperwork.  You want to insure to designate that "John Doe" is a Principal in this section. (You must first add John Doe as a producer before designating him as a Principal.) As another example, suppose your agency works with 10 carriers, and "John Doe" signs off on 7 carriers, but 'Suzy Q.' signs off on the other 3 carriers. Make sure that you add Suzy Q. as a producer and as a Principal so her signature is available to select during the Appointment Processing Phase of SureLC.


Admins TAB

Only those users with Office Manager roles can access the Administrator's Tab in Agency Setup. The Administrators Tab is where Office Managers add/remove Agency Workers or Sub-Agency Workers



Adding an Agency Worker

            • Select ADD.



             • Enter First Name, Last Name and E-Mail Address - their e-mail address will be their log in username.
            • Enter Cell Number - This is optional and only used as an identifier if this user need to reset his or her password. 
            • Click Apply when finished. 



The new user gets an activation e-mail that includes a link to authenticate the account and lets the new user to create his or her password. That e-mail comes from If the new user does not receive the e-mail, have them check their spam/junk folder.  

Optional Settings

  • Add this user to our email distribution list - This insures the Agency Worker receives all important communications/updates from SureLC. Note that the newly added person receives an email to confirm their desire to receive email communications from SuranceBay.
  • Office Manager - By selecting Office Manager, you designate this person has the ability to add or remove administrative users in your SureLC account. 
  • "?" Mark - Click on the "?" for more information.

 The video below is an overview of adding an administrative worker to SureLC:


Add an Affiliation

To add an Affiliation, click on the Add button and then enter the Affiliation name in the New Affiliation Name field, and click Save.   


Remove an Affiliation

To Remove an Affiliation, click on the Affiliation in your list, then click Remove





 The Carriers tab will contain only one available/selected carrier for agencies that use SureLC One.



Remove a Carrier Your Agency Does Not work with:

Click the trashcan icon to remove a carrier from your Selected list. This will move it back to your Available list.



To Add a Carrier your Agency Works With:


  • HINT: Using the SEARCH field in the upper right hand corner reduces the list and helps locate the carrier.


Hierarchy/Commissions Setup

On a per-carrier basis, you can enter pre-designated values for Hierarchy and Commissions to apply to your carriers' transmittal forms.



  • Agency Code - enter your agency's code for the carrier.
  • Commissions Level - enter the desired commissions level
  • Hierarchy - Complete the hierarchy section as it relates to the carriers' specific transmittal PDF forms section so they know who to pay. 


  • CLICK HERE to review a basic training video on Hierarchy & Commissions related to the insurance industry.

 Additional Options:

  • Use GA Address - If available, select this checkbox to apply your agency's address as the mailing address for all your producers' contracting paperwork for the selected carrier as designated in  Agency Setup > General Information Tab.
  • Download Forms - Click this button to open a folder on your computer that displays the current blank PDF contracting forms for the selected carrier. 
  • Set Affiliation - While your agency may work with 50 carriers, your agency may work with a group of producers who are restricted to working with only a subset of these 50 carriers (e.g. 10 carriers out of 50). Review our posting on Affiliations. Using Set Affiliation, you designate on a per-affiliation basis, whether the producer can request appointments for the carrier.
  • Set Product Lines - Designates, on a per-affiliation and per-carrier basis, which products your producers can choose when completing a new appointment request. 
  • Set States - Designates, on a per-carrier basis, which states your producers can choose when completing a new appointment request. 
  • Strict - When the carrier's forms require information on everyone in the hierarchy (including the Producer you're contracting) and you must indicate where in the hierarchy your producer is placed (may not be the lowest level).

    • Lincoln Financial (on their Comp Builder forms)
    • American National (On their Contract Checklist page)
    • Forethought (This carrier has multiple transmittals for each product line. The STRICT option allows you to select the "Applicant" level for each Product line)



E&O TAB (Errors & Omissions) 

The E&O Tab in Agency Setup streamlines the input of data and E&O declaration pages for one or more groups of your producers. 

Do not enter your agency's E&O policy here -- SureLC does not need your agency's E&O policy.

What goes here, if applicable, is the group of producers associated by their affiliation who are covered under either a "blanket" or "certificate" type E&O policy. 


To add a new policy click the Add E&O button and then select the type of policy you would like to add.  


Use the left pane to enter the policy information. This includes the Policy #, Carrier name, Case Limit & total, Certificate # (if available), start date, and expiration date. Use the right pane to select who to cover (which affiliations or select cover all available if applicable) and then upload the policy. 



  • Blanket Policy Type - A blanket policy is when the E&O Declaration Page, the policy number, limits, etc. covers all producers with the designated affiliation. Producers with an affiliation covered under this blanket policy do not need to upload a certificate of coverage or enter any data on their E&O tab in their SureLC profile because this blanket policy already covers everything the agent would enter. Because E&O insurance is an annual policy - simply updating the information in Agency Setup > E&O Tab automatically updates what's in the producer's SureLC profile.
  • Certificate Policy Type - Certificate type policies are those where almost all the data for the E&O policy is the same for the group of producers (based on affiliations) covered under this policy. Producers are issued their own E&O Declaration page and have their own Certificate # but the policy # and amounts remain the same. By setting up this policy type producers, on their E&O Tab in their SureLC profile, enter only their Certificate # and upload their E&O declaration page; all other information is pre-filled for them based on the information you enter into the Agency Setup > E&O Tab.



The Billing tab is not available to agencies who use SureLC One.  Contact your sponsoring carrier with billing questions.

Click Billing to view the agency's options for managing billing in SureLC.  :

  • Sub-Agency Access - CLICK HERE for details about this.
  • Receipt email - The member of your team who receives the receipt of payments.
  • Subscriptions - Area where you maintain your ongoing subscription details (if applicable).
  • Transactions - Displays the current ban" in SureLC and lets you add funds, if necessary, for your individual transactions.
  • Payment details - Displays a quick view of the current amount due.
  • Payment method - Displays the payment method chosen and on file with SureLC.



If you have a monthly subscription plan for SureLC you can see your current volume and contracted rate in this section. This area also displays when the subscription expires and your current producer count in SureLC.


With SureLC you create and maintain a bank for your individual transactions, such as importing and maintaining the Producer Data Base (PDB) reports from the National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR) or transaction service costs for appointments if you have a "per appointment" monthly billing plan. SureLC offers auto-replenishment for the transactions "bank"making it easy to handle your billing needs freeing you from having to check and update for your agency. Follow these steps to enable this service.

 Adding a Payment Method:

In SureLC Billing and Payments, add credit card or checking account information for ease of billing and maintaining your Transactions Bank.

  • Go to the Agency L&C Setup page.
  • Select the "Billing Tab".
  • Click "Add payment methodbutton.


  • Select the "ADD" button


  • You'll be navigated to a separate secure  web page.
  • Choose the type of account "Credit Card" or "Bank Account".
  • Enter the account details.
  • Select the "SAVE" button when done.



  • Once saved, SureLC displays  the new payment method added.



  • Select the "Back To Process" button.



  • You'll now be returned to the first screen with the Subscription and Transactions data.



10. Check Automatically Extend: Enable under monthly subscription.  When you check this box, the system charges the credit card or checking account on file each month for the subscription amount due.

11. Add Auto-replenishment as a billing feature in Transactions. This purchases and loads into the Transactions Bank the amount selected whenever the bank reaches the minimum threshold.

12. Click on Auto-replenishment and scroll to the amount to add. Now the service is set up for the amount chosen when the bank is less than the minimum allowed.

13. If you set up your account with a credit card, enter the credit card security code in the red box in the credit card information. Buy is now enabled.

14, Click Buy and SureLC processes the payment immediately and emails a receipt to the 'Receipt email:' contact person. Payment process successfully displays.

15. Click Close and then click Home in the upper left hand corner to complete the Billing and Payments process.






Why would you use the Add Config tool?

Office Managers use this tab to create specific URL links  for a variety of reasons, each specific to an affiliation's needs:

  • Working with Sub-Agencies and you need the Sub-Office to view only their assigned producers.

  • Working with Broker-Dealers and you need your agency's company name to be invisible to these BD Reps.

  • Working with large agencies that require standard DBA settings. (Perhaps all agents need to be setup as LOA solicitors for a particular affiliation)



WHAT information can be customized, by affiliation, using the Add Config tool?

  • Affiliation                Link the producer automatically to a specific affiliation.

  • Agency                    Make your agency's company name  invisible during registration. Only the affiliation's name is visible.

  • Phone, Fax, Cell     Preset the Phone, Fax and Cell for downline agents tagged to an affiliation.

  • Invitation CC/BCC  Setup CC and BCC email addresses to be copied on the invitation email as producers register with the link created.

  • DBA Type                Preset how all producers are set up on their DBA tab (Individual, Business Entity or LOA). 

  • Start Page              Specify the landing page for your Producers and Agency Workers linked to a specific affiliation.                                                  

How do I get started in creating a customized link?

Create the AFFILIATION NAME in your SureLC account.  Click HERE for directions on how to add an Affiliation and create an Affiliation Link. 




The DBA Tab in Agency Setup allows your agency to set up default values on a per-affiliation basis for use on carrier contracting paperwork. For example, if your agency works with a group of producers that have the affiliation of "cool group" and all producers with the "cool group" affiliation should have the same email address, phone #, fax # applied to their carrier contracting paperwork, use this tab. You can also auto-designate this Affiliations DBA Type. 


Keep in mind that when you add a new template, that template name needs to match EXACTLY with the Affiliation you created. 

Example: If you created a new Affiliation called Cool Group, but created a DBA template and called it simply cool group (no capitals) then the DBA template would not work. You would need to create a DBA template called Cool Group (with capitals) in order for the template to work correctly. 




The Services Tab allows you to manage different "services" available for your agency and your producers. Currently, the only "service" you can control is offering producers associated with your agency the ability to purchase E&O Insurance through their SureLC account. By default, all producers associated with your account who have expired E&O or whose E&O is coming up for expiration (next 30 days), receive email notices from SuranceBay inviting them to either update their E&O or purchase E&O directly in SureLC. CLICK HERE for more details on the E&O Program administered by CalSurance. 

Producers logged in to their SureLC portal can also purchase, or update, their E&O insurance on the E&O Tab.

Disabling or Modifying E&O Email Notifications & the ability to purchase E&O Insurance through SureLC


1.  Click Agency L&C Setup > Services.



2. Enter a Profile Name; call it something descriptive like "E&O Opt Out"

Make sure you select only those Affiliations that you do not want to receive email notices or the ability to purchase E&O Insurance.



3. De-select options as needed under E&O Program Settings. For example: You can opt out of allowing your producers to buy E&O coverage through SureLC, but you can still choose to send your producer e-mail reminders when their E&O coverage is about to expire. If you want to opt out of all features, deselect the first and second check boxes. 


4. Once you have deselected the check boxes as needed, click on the Edit Profile button, then click Apply Changes.



Best Practices

It's best to use the producer's real information in SureLC. Don't try to fool the system. If you try to fool the system for particular use-cases, there's most likely a better way for you accomplish what you are doing.

If you enter something into SureLC that is not actual data for the producer for a reason that resonates in the back of your mind - chances are that you're doing something that will cause problems down the road. Remember, you can call us at 877-264-6888 or email us at to answer your questions. 

Warning Messages

Suspicious Email Address or Phone Number 

There are several places in SureLC where you might see a message about suspicious email addresses being used or phone numbers being used, which may look like the following: 





This means you are using the same e-mail and or phone number too often when adding producers. You are required to use the producer's actual e-mail address and phone number. 

If a number of producers do use the same phone number because they work in the same office:


  • Go to Agency Set Up and click Office Phones




  • Click Add Phone and enter the phone number,  then press Add Phone again to save. 



Using the Same Email Address for a Group of Producers

Review the posting about using Affiliations Within SureLC

Make sure that the producer's real email address is included both in the producer's NIPR Tab, as well as their DBA Tab.  To use just one email address for all of your producers for carriers' contracting paperwork, select the Use Agency Email checkbox from the General Info Tab.

If you want the same email address for a group of producers based on their affiliation to be applied to carrier contracting paperwork (instead of global), then review the section on using the DBA Tabs within Agency Setup.





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