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There are multiple tabs within a producer's profile. This article provides information, on a per-tab basis, about completing producers' SureLC profiles.



This information is obtained from the National Insurance Producer Registry. All fields with a red bullet point are required. Be sure and verify all this information is correct. Press the lock icon if any of the required information needs to be changed. 

  • eMail field - must be unique per-producer, and is synchronized with the email address field NIPR has on file for the producer. Don't use the same email address more than once for multiple producers in this tab. This email address field is not used on contracting paperwork. The email address in the producer's DBA tab is applied to carrier contracting paperwork.
  • Mailing Address -  this is the mailing address NIPR has on file. The mailing address on this tab is not populated on carrier contracting paperwork. The mailing address in the producer's DBA tab is applied to the producer's carrier contracting paperwork unless your settings in Agency Setup override these settings.
  • Business Address - this is the business address NIPR has on file. The business address on this tab is not populated on carrier contracting paperwork. The business address in the producer's DBA tab is applied to the producer's carrier contracting paperwork unless your settings in Agency Setup override these settings.


The video below is an overview of the NIPR Tab:






This tab designates how business is done. This affects how forms are populated and how commissions are paid.

  • Individual - the producer receives commissions directly from the insurance company at the set commission rate. The producer will receive a 1099 from the insurance company with their SSN at the end of the year.
  • Business Entity - the applicant is an Owner or Officer of a business entity that has an Employer Identification Number and commissions are paid directly to the Business Entity's bank account.
  • Licensed Only Agent - also frequently referred to as "Solicitors". This selection is for the applicants who:

            -   Need to be appointed by a carrier
            -   Do not Receive commissions directly from the carrier
            -   Are not an Owner or Officer of a Business Entity

  • Institutional - By default, Institutional is not available for all agencies. Only those agencies that need this option will see this option. Contact for more information on adding this selection. 


Unless your Agency Setup configurations override the producer's values, the phone #, fax #, mailing address, business address, email address, etc. information applied to carrier's contracting forms is obtained from the producer's DBA tab.

Email if you have any questions.


The video below is an overview of the DBA Tab:



On this tab, all background questions must be answered. Ensure you scroll through the entire page and answer all questions. Unanswered questions will halt the contract request process and possibly delay submitted business.

If you answer a question Yes, you may see sub-questions. If the system displays sub-questions, you must answer all related questions related to the incident.

If you answer Yes to a sub-question, enter the date of the incident then click explanation. On this screen, you can upload any supporting documentation or create an explanation document.

Note: if you have one supporting document that is an explanation for three different sub-questions, you must attach that document to each question.

Once all required fields are complete, click Generate Document. Finally, click the Back Arrow to return to the main questions screen. 


The video below is an overview of the Questions Tab:





The Licenses Tab receives information from NIPR, the National Insurance Producer Registry. In addition, SuranceBay updates producer's licenses using the guidelines POSTED HERE.

This tab is for informational purposes only and requires no entries. Click on the link if you are interested in learning more about managing State Licenses Within SureLC.

Click the filter button to see all producer licenses, active and inactive, or choose Active only to see only those licenses that are current. You can also choose Eligible For Renew to show only licenses that are eligible for renewal based on that state's certification renewal guidelines. 


The video below is an overview of the Licenses Tab:





The Electronic Funds Transfer Tab (EFT) is where you set up all banking information related to payout of commissions.

Enter the bank account routing number, account number and account type then upload a copy of a voided check for this account.

Note that this tab is only visible for producers doing business as either "Individual" or "Business Entity" as they're the only ones receiving commissions from the carrier.


The video below is an overview of the EFT Tab: 



The History Tab purposely omits the Green Check Mark or Red Exclamation Point validation because the information entered into the History Tab is  used for state licensing purposes. You may input as little or as much information into this tab as required.

If you apply for or renew state licenses and the History Tab is not completed, you are prompted to enter the requisite information during the state license application process.


The video below is an overview of the History Tab: 





The E&O Tab stores the current copy of the Errors and Omissions Insurance policy information and Declaration Page.

Click Add Existing E&O.

Enter the E&O policy number, carrier, limits per case and total limits. Add a certificate number if you have one and then the policy start and end date. 

Once complete, click Add Policy

Click Upload Certificate, find the policy certificate on your PC and upload. 

If you do not have E&O and would like to purchase a policy and your agency permits, you can buy an E&O policy from this screen. 

To purchase a policy, click Buy Now

On Step 1, choose the plan to purchase, then click Next

On Step 2, Fill in all required information. Every field with an asterisk is required. Once complete, click Next.

On Step 3, Answer all questions. Simply click in the answer box to choose the required answer. Once complete, click Next.

On Step 4, Read the disclosure and then check the box Affirm your application.

On Step 5 Read the disclosure, then type your name as your digital signature. You can also view the Policy Document. Once complete, click on Agree and Apply Electronic Signature.

On step 6, choose your payment method, fill in the required information, then click Process Transaction.

Once complete, you receive confirmation and an e-mail is sent to you within 30 minutes that includes your policy documents. Additionally, a copy of the E&O Policy certificate is uploaded to your SureLC profile. 


The video below is an overview of the E&O Tab:



The first thing on this tab is whether a producer is registered with FINRA. If you select Yes, SureLC retrieves the CRD number and Broker Dealer information if one is available at FINRA.

Next, enter Anti-Money Laundering training information.  If the AML training was completed through one of the supported course providers, a screen shot of the completion information can be uploaded manually or SureLC can retrieve a screen shot of the completion information for you.



The Scan tab is a holding area for pertinent personal forms needed to complete a contract. Forms added during the initial set-up are stored on this tab.

The most important item stored on this tab is the Signature Authorization Form. This form must be uploaded to this tab or the signature can be manually created by the producer.

To upload an already prepared signature authorization page, click on the blue upload folder and choose the needed form on your computer.

To preview a form on the Scan tab, hover your mouse over the form and that form displays on the right side of the screen, or you can double click the form to open it up in a new window.

To change a form type, click the gear icon, click Change Form Type button and choose the proper form type from those listed.

To remove a form from the Scan tab, click the gear icon, then click the Blue Filing Cabinet button to archive the form.

To download a copy of a form, click the gear icon, then press download





To create a signature authorization page using SureLC, click Signature Capture. Read, then accept the Signature Authorization Disclaimer Page, click create signature and, using your mouse, draw the signature to use. Not happy with your first try? Click Erase and try again.

Once you have a good signature, click Done, then click the Back arrow to get back to the Scan Tab. 




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