Registering a Producer in SureLC/Agency View

Ed Gambone -

To add a producer to your SureLC set up, follow these steps. 

1. From the SureLC Home screen, click Producers, then click Add Producer in the upper right hand corner of the screen. 


2. Identification. Next, add the producers SSN and Last Name OR License State and License Number. You only need to choose one set of info to register the producer. Once you enter the information, press Next


3. Identification. Confirm the producer's date of birth, then press Next


4. Identification. Read and accept the Authorization to Obtain Producer Database Report disclaimer.  



5. New User ID. Add the producer's Affiliation, if needed, then enter the producer's e-mail address twice and cell phone, if needed then click Next


6. Review and Confirmation. Review the producer's information and decide if you want to send an account activation e-mail to the producer. If you DO NOT want the producer to get an account activation e-mail, deselect Send producer the password activation e-mail. Leaving this box checked sends the producer an account activation e-mail that instructs them to click a link which takes them to SureLC so they can set up their SureLC profile password which allows the producer to log into the system and view or edit their profile and request carrier appointments. 



7. Activation. If you decide to send an account activation e-mail, this screen displays. It says the producer will get an e-mail from that includes their account activation link. The producer clicks that link to activate the account and create their profile password. They will then get another e-mail stating that they successfully activated their SureLC profile under your agency.

To finalize the registration, click Finish. The producer's profile displays so you can make any changes required to the profile, look at appointments, request appointments, etc.


7a. Activation. If you decide not to send the account activation e-mail to the producer, this  screen displays. If you see this screen, it means the producer did not get an account activation e-mail. Click Finish to go to the producer profile to work as normal. 


8. If you decide at a later date to send the producer the account activation e-mail, go to Info and Appointments, click on the Key on the producer's profile card which prompts you to send the producer the e-mail at the specified e-mail address. 



Click below for a tutorial video on how to register a producer. 




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