Registering a Producer in SureLC/Producer View

Dennis Pavluk -

This is how a Producer adds him or her self to SureLC. 

1. The producer uses a link, or signs in through the agency website to access that agency's SureLC webpage. On this page, click New User to start the registration process. 


2. Identification: Enter agent information by SSN and Last name OR license state and number then click Next


3. Identification: Enter the producer's date of birth, press Enter or the Tab key on your keyboard, then click Next


4. Identification. Read and accept the Authorization to Obtain Producer Database Report disclaimer. Use the scroll bar to the right of the disclaimer to scroll to the bottom of the text, then click I Accept


5. New UserID: Enter the producer's e-mail address and confirm. This is the e-mail address used to send the account activation e-mail and serve as the user log in. Cell phone is optional and only used as an identifier when the producer needs to reset the password. When complete, press Next. 


6. Review and Confirmation: Verify the data on this screen is correct. If not, click Back and make any changes needed. If the information is correct, click Next


7. Activation: A screen displays that confirms your account creation along with a message that says you will soon get your account activation e-mail from


8. Account activation and password creation: Once you receive the e-mail click on the activation link contained in the body of the message. If you receive the email in your inbox, check your Spam/Junk folder. Note: This is a one time use link. Do not attempt to use this link to log into SureLC later, It will not work.


9: Once the new page opens, create your SureLC profile password. Be sure and follow the password rules. When you meet one of the password creation rules, a check appears next to the rule. When you satisfy all the rules, the system activates the Next button. 



10. Once completed, you receive the following message and you can log into your SureLC profile with the e-mail login and newly created password.

You will get another e-mail stating that you successfully activated your account. That e-mail will also contain the web link you can use in the future when you need to log back into your account under the agency you just registered for. 



NOTE: If you are working with multiple agencies who utilize SureLC, your login credentials must be unique for each agency relationship. In addition, it's important you use each agencies dedicated SureLC URL when logging in. 



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