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SureApp - General Info

Soon, SureLC will be rebranded as SureApp. SureApp will include SureLC and additional modules which support the most common business requirements for insurance distribution. Aside from each modules functionality, the key benefit is that each of these modules are integrated with one another.


Visual Representation

CLICK HERE to view a visual representation of SureApp. CLICK HERE to view what the User-Interface will look like.


SureNB stands for Sure New-Business. SureNB users can run quotes, illustrations, and take new business applications directly through SureApp. Drop-Tickets, Part 1/A and Part 2/B are all included and available for authorized users of these services.

Easy.Insure is SuranceBay's wholly owned subsidiary that connects prospective consumers with licensed insurance producers. Visit for more information.


SureFormsDesigner is SuranceBay's proprietary software developed to support managing carrier PDF forms for both New Business as well as Licensing & Contracting. This software lets users manage making updates to PDF forms so that SureApp users are confident that when taking new business applications, their inputs always match and will be mapped directly to carriers' most recent forms. Available for carriers, third parties, and BGA's (when authorized), contact us for more information.


SureCRM for producers supports management of existing and prospective clients. SureCRM for BGA's supports management of producer's production and recruiting new producers.


SureComp is SuranceBay's automated commission reconciliation system.


SureAMS is SuranceBay's Agency Management System (AMS) that supports handling new business from submission through issuance, as tracking status after in-force.


This service ensures that communications by the user to the recipient, whether SMS Text Messages, Emails, e-Signature, or file delivery are done in the most secure manner possible.


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