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SureLC Training 

On behalf of everyone at SuranceBay, we appreciate your business and look forward to working with your agency. At this point, our office should have contacted you to schedule your agency's training webinar. Follow these instructions so our training session is as productive as possible.

Training Setup
Rather than watching us do the training, it's more productive for us to walk you through using SureLC to get some hands-on experience with the application. Therefore, the primary person at your agency responsible for licensing & contracting should be designated as the presenter and will be sharing their screen during the training session. 

  • The primary L&C person should log into the training meeting from the computer where they will be using the SureLC application. 
  • If you use a conference room to host the meeting, make sure the computer used during the training session has the SureLC software installed. Click Here for download instructions.


Agency Codes for Carriers

Part of the initial training in SureLC includes setting up default hierarchy and compensation schedules to eliminate redundant data on carrier transmittal pages. Select three of your high volume carriers and gather the following data: 

  • Your Agency's assigned carrier codes. These reflect the contract number the carrier assigned to your agency as the upline on your Producer's contract requests.
  • The typical street level you intend the carrier to pay out to your agents. Ensure the level is in the same language the carrier recognizes.

Example: Banner Life has levels indicated as AB80, or AB85, or ABNCA, etc.....


Sample Producers

During your training session, you will register a producer in SureLC. If possible, this producer should be your Agency's Signing Officer. Make sure your sample producer has an active state insurance license. Also, please have the following information & items available: 

  • Full name
  • Social Security number
  • Date of birth   
  • Email address
  • Resident state license number
  • Phone #, and Cell #
  • Residential & mailing address
  • Date of AML training completion, Provider Name, web portal user-id & password if available, AML certificate if available
  • Voided check (saved as a PDF)
  • E&O insurance certificate (saved as a PDF)
  • A signed Signature Authorization form. (saved as a PDF)

Use our prepared setup packet to gather this information Setup Packet.



We have several articles and videos you can review  for reference. We encourage reviewing this information prior to the training. These training materials are available for quick reference by selecting HELP on your SureLC home page.


If you have any questions before the training webinar, please contact us at 877-264-6888 or send an email to 


The SuranceBay Support Team


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