Producers can request appointment even if Validation Rules are not met. (Hint: They Can't)

Dennis Pavluk -

"Why is it that when I go into a producers profile, if they have outstanding requirements in their profile, they can still request appointments?" 

Short answer....they can't. The key here is "when I go into the producers profile." You use an administrative log in for SureLC that grants you access to all of your producer profiles. Your view of their profile is a bit different then theirs. Example: When a producer logs into his/her profile, they do not see the Contracts Tab. Additionally, they do not have access to your Agency Set Up or Info and Appointments. They only see their information as it displays in their profile. 

So lets take an example that demonstrates this further: A producer registers in SureLC and your agency's _ Validation Rules _state that he/she MUST have an E&O policy uploaded to their profile. If the producer does not upload an E&O policy to their profile, they will not be able to request an appointment. The Request Appointment button doesn't even show for them. 

Now, you log in using your admin credentials and go to the producers profile and see that there is no E&O policy uploaded BUT, you can still click the Request Appointment button and continue with the appointment and even process as needed. What gives? 

You are logged in as an admin and as such, you can override theValidation Rules and request the appointment without the E&O policy if needed. 

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