The producers e-mail address disappears when I try to send a Review Request.

Dennis Pavluk -

"Why is it that when I go to send a producer a Review Request, his/her e-mail address disappears from the e-mail box when I press eMail Request Link?" 

Sometimes on Step 3 or Step 5 of the appointment request process when you click on Request Review in SureLC  the producer's e-mail address disappears from the e-mail field.




This is a security measure built into SureLC if a certain e-mail address is tied to multiple producers in the SureLC database. In this case the system cannot differentiate to which producer the review has to be sent to. If you were to send it to that e-mail address, the wrong person might receive it. 

EXAMPLE: The e-mail address is used in three different profiles in SureLC. 1. John Smith. 2. Susan Johnson and 3. Chad Decker. 

You are doing contracting for Chad Decker and when you go to send a review request, the e-mail that comes up is The review request will be send to Chad at the e-mail address Does chad have access to that inbox? SureLC does not know. The contracting for Chad Decker could wind up being sent to John Smith instead. Same would go if you were doing contracting for Susan Johnson. If is the e-mail showing in her profile and you send the review request to that e-mail address, will Susan get the e-mail with the link to review or will John? 

To resolve this problem: In the e-mail field enter your e-mail address and send the review request to yourself. When you receive the email forward the e-mail to the producer. The producer will be able to complete and submit the review as normal. 

By the way, ever wonder what the producer sees when you send a review request? ** This is what it looks like.** 

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