My producer is having a difficult time resetting his/her password.

Dennis Pavluk -

"Why is it that when a producer is trying to reset his/her password, SureLC says it can't find the producer record in the system?" 

Because, more than likely, the producer is not inputting the correct information. 

When a producer clicks on the Forgot Password link on the SureLC log in screen, the system asks for three pieces of information in order to find the producer record. 

  1. The producers Social Security Number

  2. The producers Date of Birth

  3. (and this is the part that's missed the most) The producers Resident State License Number. Some producers will simply input their resident state. Won't work. It needs to be their Resident State License Number

Additionally, the information input in the reset password screen needs to match what shows in the producers profile. Example: If the producer inputs 1234567 as his/her Resident State License Number, but on his/herSureLC profile, on his/her Licenses Tab, the Resident State License Number is 9876543, the system will not find the producers record and he/she will get an error stating so. 

"But wait. The producers profile was found and they did go through the password reset process, but he/she never got the password reset code." 

Most of the time the producer will input the correct information and their profile will be found. From there, the system prompts the producer as to where he/she wants their password reset code sent to, either e-mail or text. Most will do e-mail, but will come back and say they never got the e-mail. In this case, most of the time, the e-mail containing the password reset code is in their spam/junk folder. 

THIS LINK will take you to our tutorial that shows you the entire password reset process producers go through. 

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