My Sub Agency cannot see a producer they are suppose to be able to see.

Dennis Pavluk -

"Why is it that one of my Sub Agency's cannot see a producer I know they should have access to?" 

This one is simple. Ask yourself this. What Affiliation is that Sub Agencyset up to view? Once you know that piece if information, follow the steps below to remedy. 

          a. Go to the producers Profile Card. (this is under Info and Appointments)

          b. What is the producers assigned Affiliation? (this is listed under the producers name on his/her Profile Card)

          c. Does it match the Affiliation your Sub Agency has access to? No? Then click on the Affiliation and change it to the correct one. 

          d. Done. Probably a good idea here to tell the Sub Agency admin to log off, then back on to SureLC and he/she should now be able to see that producers                   profile with no problems.

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