API Information

Anatole T. -

SuranceBay makes available our REST API which allows authorized agencies to integrate many data elements within their SureLC account for their own purposes. Review the attached PDF file as well as the following URL: https://surelc.surancebay.com/sbweb/jsondoc.jsp for additional information.


This service is offered at no-charge to SuranceBay's clients. However, should your agency require any support from our IT team using this API, our normal and customary fee of $200/hr. for custom support services applies.

Contact support@surancebay.com with any questions. 

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    Valerie Erwin

    I am trying to get set up as new user

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    Ingra Jenkins

    I am trying to get contracted. I am not sure how to long into SuranceBay to get contracted. I have notes on what to do but where is the actual web page for me to fill out my information. I don't see that in the information that was sent to me but I could be wrong. Maybe I just did not see it. Let me know.

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    Rodney Best

    I am trying to register as a new user, please help!