Using "Accounts & Settings" in SureLC

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There are several housekeeping procedures you can do using the "Accounts & Settings" (formerly known as My Preferences) section of your SureLC profile.  

  1. Log on to your SureLC profile. If you don't know your logon credentials, click Forgot Password and follow the prompts to get the password reset. Click HERE for complete instructions on resetting your SureLC password. 

  2. Click on Accounts & Settings


Change User ID

  1. To change the e-mail address you use to log into your SureLC Profile, from your SueLC Home screen, click on Accounts & Settings (formerly known as My Preferences) then ChangeUserID

              -Enter the password associated with this profile, then enter the new e-mail address. Enter it a second time as instructed and press Change E-Mail. When complete, the e-mail address you entered is now the username/e-mail to log into your profile. Note: Changing the logon e-mail here only changes the  logon e-mail for this SureLC profile. If you have other SureLC profiles under other agencies, you will log on as before  to those profiles and follow the procedures above to change the e-mail logon for that SureLC profile.



Change Password

  1. If you need to change the password associated with your SureLC profile, from the SureLC Home screen click on Accounts & Settings (formerly known as My Preferences) then Change Password

                - Enter the current password, then create and confirm the new password, being sure to follow all password creation rules. Once complete, click Change Password. Note: This only changes the password for this profile set up under this agency. If you have multiple SureLC profiles across several agencies, you must log onto each profile separately and change each password .



Delete Profile

  • To remove your SureLC profile, from the SureLC Home screen, click on Accounts & Settings (formerly known as My Preferences) , then Delete My Account. This  removes your SureLC profile from this agency's system. Once complete, a message displays stating your profile is no longer accessible but your profile information is stored for compliance reasons.

Note: Removing your profile here does not remove other SureLC profiles you have at other agencies. To remove another SureLC profile you have at another agency, you must log into that profile and follow the preceding procedure.



Click below for a short video on how to use Accounts & Settings (formerly known as My Preferences) in SureLC.



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