The producer is not receiving the Request Review I sent.

Dennis Pavluk -

"Why is it that when I send a producer a Review Request, he/she never get's it?"

After sending the Review Request to the producer, should the producer not see the email, have them check 2 things:

First, the Review Request e-mail could be sitting in their spam/junk folder. 

Second, their e-mail virus protection could be set so high, that ANY email that comes from the @surancebay domain will not get through to either the inbox or spam/junk folder.Follow the steps below to remedy.

  • Go to the producers Appointments page. (from their Profile Card, click on Appointments)
  • For the request in question, you will see a clock or a red flag icon in the column labeled Reviewed. Click on it.
  • The system will show the producers e-mail address. Change that to YOUR e-mail address, then press Re-request review.
  • When it shows up in your inbox (or spam/junk), simply forward on to the producer. This was the e-mail will come from you and have a much better chance of getting through.  
  • Once the producers completes the review, you can process the contract as normal. 

The second reason this might happen is the e-mail address on file for the producer is wrong. If this is the case, all you need to do is type in the correct e-mail address after you press the Request Review button. Later, you can go into the producers profile and change the incorrect e-mail address as needed. 

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