The producers signature is not being applied to the carrier contracting paperwork.

Dennis Pavluk -

***Please Note: Ohio National does not accept digital signatures on paperwork generated by SureLC. This carrier is OK with their contracting forms being included within SureLC, but they're not accepting producer's electronic signatures being applied to the forms.***

"Why is it that when I process a producers appointment request, his/her signature does not get applied to the carrier forms?" 

Could be a few reasons. The first could be that you did not send the producer a Review Request. As per carrier decree, producers must first review the appointment paperwork before applying their signature. If you did not send the producer that Review Request, and processed the forms, his/her signature will not be applied. To remedy this, follow the steps below. 

  • Open the appointment in question. 
  • Go to either Step 3 or Step 5 of the request, then click on theRequest Review button. (it's along the top of the screen)
  • The producers e-mail will show. Click E-Mail Request Link. (if you want to,   you can replace the producers e-mail with yours, send it to yourself, then send on to the producer so it will come from you and not SuranceBay as some producers don't even know who we are)
  • The producer completes the review. (click HERE to see that process)
  • Once complete, the e-mail address input on your Agency Set Upscreen will   get an e-mail telling that the producer completed the review. 
  • You are now free to go back again and open the appointment request and Process. You will see that the producers signature is now showing on the contracting forms where needed. 

Another reason the producers signature is not showing on the carrier forms is that there is no signature to apply. Follow the steps below to remedy. 

  • Go to the Producers SureLC profile and click on his/her Scan Tab
  • Is there a Signature Authorization form listed there? If not, it will need to   be added using one of the methods described  HERE.
  • If there is a Signature Authorization form listed, double click on it and make sure there is actually a signature in the box at the bottom of the form. If it is blank,  SureLC is applying a blank signature to the AIG forms. Once again, use one of the methods described  HERE to fix. 

"Ok, there is a Signature Authorization form on his/her profile and there is a signature in the box at the bottom of the form, but it's very light, almost impossible to see. What do I do?" 

You have the ability in SureLC to Enhance a producers signature, or darken it, so it will show up better on carrier paperwork.  HERE are the instructions. 

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