The producer's up line is not showing in the Solicitor For dropdown.

Dennis Pavluk -

"Why is that when I add a Solicitor or Licensed Only Agent (LOA), when I click on the Solicitor For drop down on the producers DBA Tab, his/her up line is not showing?" 

This is a simple fix. Ask yourself this. Who is the principle of the up line? Once you know that, follow the steps below to remedy. 

          a. Go to that principle's profile and click on his/her DBA Tab.

          b. Look for a check box at the top of the screen labeled Has Solicitors. Is it checked? If not, check it. (that check box will only show for Individual or Business               Entity)

          c. Now go back to the LOA's profile and click on his/her DBA Taband click on the Solicitor For dropdown. (assuming Licensed Only Agent is chosen)

          d. You will now see that the principle if the LOA's up line is showing for you to choose. 

"Simple, yes, but what if the principle does not have a profile in my SureLC system?" Easy....register him/her as you would any normal producer making sure to complete their profile including checking the Has Solicitors check box on their DBA Tab. Also make sure there is a signed Signature Authorization form uploaded to his/her Scan Tab. Need more info on how to set up a Solicitor in SureLC? Click HERE.

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