Electronic Signatures for Ohio National

Dennis Pavluk -

When contracting with Ohio National in SureLC, you will find that producer signatures do not show on the carrier forms even after he/she completed the review. 

This is because Ohio National requested SuranceBay to remove electronic signatures from their contracting paperwork. They are OK with their contracting forms being included within SureLC, but they're not accepting producer's electronic signatures being applied to the forms.

For that reason, we've kept their forms included within SureLC so you can process them with all the data applied to the forms. Then, you can send the forms to the producer for wet-signature.

If you would like this carrier to allow the inclusion of producer signatures on the contracting paperwork in SureLC, we suggest you contact Thomas Graessle who's email address is  thomas_graessle@ohionational.com to let him/them know that you want them to accept e-signatures from SureLC. 

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