Producer Answered "Yes" to Question on Questions Tab, But Explanation Is Not Included In Carrier Forms Bundle

Dennis Pavluk -

I have a producer who answered "Yes" to a question on his/her Questions Tab, but when I go to process the contracting forms, the Explanation Document that goes with that "Yes" question is not included in the forms bundle. What gives? 

This is where you actually go to the carriers forms and look at all of the background questions that are being asked and see if the questions answered "Yes" on the Questions Tab is actually being asked by that carrier. 

Example" Lets say a producer answered "Yes" to question number 6 on his/her Questions Tab and uploaded a supporting Explanation Document. This question asks "Have you ever had an appointment with any insurance company terminated for cause or been denied an appointment?" 

Now lets say you are doing contracting for this producer with Carrier A. You get to the processing step in SureLC, but you notice that the Explanation Document that goes along with question 6 on the Questions Tab is not included in the Forms list. No need to panic. Preview the carrier form that includes THAT CARRIERS background questions. Is question 6, or a derivative thereof, being asked? No? Then the Explanation Document is not needed because Carrier A did not ask that particular question. 

Keep in mind here that the Questions Tab in SureLC includes 19 of the MOST COMMON background questions MOST of the carriers ask. Not all carriers ask all of those questions. Likewise, not all carrier questions are included on the Questions Tab. Questions that are specific to the carrier will be asked on Step 3 of the appointment request process. If a carrier specific question is answered "Yes," then the appropriate answer will be marked as such on the carrier form. 

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