Producer completed Review Request, but the Appointment Request does not show on his/her Appointments screen.

Dennis Pavluk -

I just got the notification that one of my producers completed his/her review of an Appointment Request, but when I go to process the request, It's not showing on his/her Appointments screen. What gives? 

What gives is that somewhere along the line, during the Review process, the producer X'd out of SureLC instead of pressing Log Off. SureLC interprets this as a discarded request and sends it to the producers discarded file, even if the producer goes back in later and completes the Review. 

Not to worry though. The Appointment Request is not gone forever, it's just in a different place in SureLC

To find it, go to the producers Appointments screen and in the upper left hand corner of the screen, click on All Open and choose Discarded. 10 times out of 10 you will see the Appointment Request in question sitting there in the Discarded file. 

Simply double click on the request to open and process as normal. 

If you don't need to process it right away, but want to move it to the producers Open appointments screen, single click on the request, click on Add Comment, then click the radio button labeled Agency, enter any comments you need/want to, then press Save. This will move the request from the Discarded screen to the All Open screen. To get back to All Open, in the upper left hand corner of the screen click on Discarded and choose All Open. The discarded appointment request is now on the All Open screen. 

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