Entering Business Entity Info: Company Name "Not Found."

Dennis Pavluk -

Why is it that when I am entering a producers business EIN on his/her DBA Tab, SureLC shows "Company name: NOT FOUND?" 

Because SureLC pulls all of its Business Entity information from NIPR and if that Business Entity is not on file at NIPR, SureLC has no information to pull. Thus the "Company name: NOT FOUND" error.

As with individual producers, Business Entity's are also assigned a NPN (National Producer Number) by NIPR.  If you are adding a Business Entity on a producers DBA Tab, but the entity does not have a NPN, you will get an error.

So what do I do?  

First, verify that indeed, this Business Entity has not been assigned a NPN. You can do this by clicking on the link below. It will take you to NIPR's NPN search page. Use the FEIN search function. 


Most times, you will see that the search results come up saying "The Fein you provided is not on our database." You have just verified, using the FEIN you were provided, that there is no NPN assigned. 

From here, verify that the FEIN (EIN,TID) is correct. Maybe the producer wrote it down wrong or the like. If you verify that the number is correct, you can still enter the Entity on the producers DBA Tab. Simply enter the EIN, then click "Create without NIPR." This will still create the Firm profile, but you will have to enter in all the Firms information, including licenses, manually. 

If you choose not to "Create without NIPR," you will probably want to let the producer know that his/her Entity has no NPN and that they should call their state DOI to see if the Entity information was relayed to NIPR and if not, get it done, and if so, make sure it was relayed correctly. 


*****PLEASE NOTE***** Not all states require that a Business Entity be licensed in order to get contracted with carriers. Two examples are Florida and Wisconsin. If this is the case for the Entity you are adding, more than likely, that Entity will not have a NPN and therefore, you will need to use  "Create without NIPR" to create the Firm profile. 

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