Release Date: February 3, 2016 (App Version 3.122.259)

Ed Gambone -

SureLC Release Notes - App Version 3.122.259

New Features 

  • Prominent "Please wait, forms are loading" notice added while contracting forms are loading for the producer during the review/confirmation process.


  • Employment records are now sorted by date, and long gaps between the entered dates will be highlighted red on the producer's History Tab within their profile.


  • Producers who initiate appointment requests themselves may designate an inadvertent request as 'discarded' and include their comments. Note - the discarded request is still visible for agency admins.


  • When changing status of appointment requests for business entities from @Carrier to @Completed, added the ability to input two agent #'s: one for the Principal, and one for the Business Entity.


  • Added ability to enter comments when changing status to @Completed stage for appointment requests.


  • Implemented Custom Development features specific for requested agencies.


Bug Fixes 

  • Fixed carrier availability during the appointment process for producers only licensed in NY (sometimes producer could request non-NY carrier).


  • In an appointment request, state specific questions in Step 3 will only be asked when the corresponding state is selected in the previous step. (sometimes, carrier questions that are state specific were presented for the producer to answer that didn't correspond to the state(s) selected).


  • Fixed the "Business type is Required" error message being displayed during the appointment request process in instances where the error does not apply.


  • Fixed bug that caused pre-set hierarchy/commission schedules to go AWOL for some carriers.


  • Fixed bug that caused "null" to appear on PDF's when selecting someone from the "Certified By" combo-box whose middle name is missing from their profile.


  • Made it more prominent that Affiliation selection is required during the add-producer process for those agencies who designate Affiliation selection is required. (It wasn't clear on the UI that Affiliation selection is required).


  • Many UI text changes incorporated to make instructions clearer to users.


  • Fixed a few bugs on the producer's History Tab that causes unclear error messages as well as improved validation workflow. 


  • The Billing Tab in Agency Setup will no longer show a "Buy" button unless one or more transaction types are first selected.


  • Fixed bug that caused ! or ✅ to show up outside of Tabs within Producer's Profile when viewing on small resolution monitors.


  • Removed obsolete message of "Producer Requires Confirmation" on DBA Tab when Agency Admin adds producer previously associated with another BGA.



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