My Producer's Last Name/SSN/DOB Changed, But I Can't Change It On His/Her SureLC Profile.

Dennis Pavluk -

I have a producer who's last name/SSN/DOB changed. I need to note that change in their SureLC profile, but the fields on their NIPR Tab are locked. What do I do? 

First, you are correct. You do not have the ability to manually make changes to those fields on the producers NIPR Tab. 

Ok, so what do I do to make the name/SSN/DOB change so the correct information shows on contracting paperwork? 

What you do is Synchronize with NIPR. If the new information has been reported to NIPR, follow the steps below. 

1. Go to the producers NIPR Tab

2. Click the "?" icon next to the DOB. 

3. Click Synchronize with NIPR

4. The new information on file at NIPR will download and the change(s) will be made.

5. The system will tell you which piece(s) of information was/were uploaded successfully. 

If any new information was updated, you will now see those changes on the producers profile. 

That's all fine and dandy, but what if I did Synchronize with NIPR and the changes did not upload? 

Then the changes have not been reported to NIPR yet. For example: If the producers name change was submitted to the state today, it could take between 3 and 5 business days for the state to report that information to NIPR. Once it's been reported to NIPR, you can Synchronize and the new information will come in. 

Great. BUT, what if the change has not been reported to NIPR yet but I have to get contracting done for this producer TODAY that includes the (name change/DOB change)? 

In this instance, you will have to have the producer fill out the contracting paperwork manually for you to send on to the carrier. 

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