Removing a document from a producers profile. (Archive)

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Archive Document

If you find that you, or a producer, need to remove a document from a SureLC profile, follow the steps below. 

1. Go to the producers Scan Tab

2. In the list of documents showing, click on the Gear icon on the document that needs to be removed. 

3. On the new pop up, click the 2nd icon in. The one that looks like a File box

4. This archives the document and pulls it from the producers Scan Tab. The document will no longer be part of any contracting paperwork generated in SureLC. 

Un-Archive Document

Accidentally Archive a document? If you need to get an archived document back, follow the steps below. 

1. Go to the producers Scan Tab and click on Filter

2. On the new pop up, click on Archive. This adds ALL archived forms back to the producers Scan Tab

3. Find the archived form you need to pull back. Hovering your mouse over the document will display the document to the right so you can see what it is. Once you find it, click on the Gear icon on that documents label. 


4. Choose the first icon in the new pop up. This is the Change Form Type icon. In the list of labels that display, choose the label you need for this archived document. 

5. Finally, click the Filter button again, then deselect Archive. This will hide all archived documents and the document you just pulled out of the Archive is now showing again on the Scan Tab. 



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    Can this article be archived or updated with the new web version that has been released?