Missing Resident State License Information.

Jim Friend -

I'm trying to do some contracting for my producer, but there's an error on his/her profile. It's on the Licenses Tab and says "Missing Resident State License." I can't do any contracting. 

According to NIPR, this producer does not have an active Resident State License. When a producer is registered in SureLC, the system goes out to NIPR (National Insurance Producer Database) and pulls in the PDB report. (Producer Database Report) That report includes a list of the producers active licenses. If one of those active licenses is not marked as a Resident State license, SureLC will show an error for that producer. 

Alternatively, the PDB report includes a list of the producer inactive licenses as well. If the producers Resident State license is inactive, an error will appear. 

It typically takes a state DOI (Department of Insurance) 3 to 5, sometimes up to 10 business days to report new licensing information to NIPR. Once the update is done at NIPR, SureLC updates. So in essence, if a producer renewed or got a new Resident State License issued yesterday, then gets registered in SureLC today, the producer's PDB report is NOT going to reflect the new licensing information because that information has not yet been reported to NIPR. 

Well, I have contracting that needs to be done What can I do? 

Licenses can be manually add to the producers Licenses Tab. You will need an electronic copy of the license to do this. PDF format is preferred. Click HERE for instructions on how to manually upload a license to a producers profile. 

***Please Note: ONLY agency workers have the ability to manually upload a license to a producers profile.***

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