UHC (Medicare Solutions) - EFT & Assignment Of Commissions

Chris Toth -

UHC on the Medicare Solutions side requires producer's to be fully contracted, prior to arranging EFT or Commission Assignment.

These two forms are accessible via UHC's Agent Portal after the Producer has been fully contracted and has received their Welcome Letter and Writing Number (Agent ID) with UnitedHealthcare.  

PLEASE NOTE:  If these forms are submitted prior to the Welcome Letter being received, they are invalid.


  • DIRECT PAID agents will need to ensure they submit an EFT form through UHC's Agent Portal directly.  If this is not completed, the agent will be sent paper checks.


  • LOA Solicitors would require being setup as an individual first with the carrier.  AFTER the contract is APPROVED , an Assignment of Commissions form can be submitted through UHC's Agent Portal directly.  If this is not completed, agents will be paid direct rather than through the expected assignment.


All questions related to this process should be directed to UHC directly.


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