UHC (Medicare Solutions) - Setting up Assignment Of Commissions

Chris Toth -

UHC on the Medicare Solutions side requires producer's to be setup direct, prior to allowing commission assignment.

What this means is any LOA Solicitors would require being setup as an individual first, then AFTER the contract is APPROVED by the carrier an assignment of commissions form can be submitted.

This can cause a hiccup when processing requests in SureLC. How do you retrieve the Assignment Of Commissions form, after the approval,  without having to re-process a NEW contract?

Exceptions have been made for this carrier only ........You can now retrieve the Assignment form utilizing the "HIERARCHY" request type in step 1.

  • Simply open a NEW contract request
  • Select the carrier "UnitedHealthCare Ins Co - Medicare Solutions"
  • select the "HIERARCHY" request type.
  • Proceed as normal to the final step
  • Manually select the "MEDICARE Assignment Of Commissions" form
  • select Process
  • Signatures will be applied as needed without requiring a second review.


This will allow you to go back AFTER the contract is approved and retrieve this form without requiring your producer to RE-Review it a second time.

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