Release Date: March 18, 2016 (App Version 3.122.513)

Ed Gambone -

SureLC Release Notes - App Version 3.122.513

New Features 

  • Contracts can now be added manually to the Producer's Contracts Tab without going through the appointment process.

  • Producer Profile -> Licenses tab -> Add new license: "Resident" checkbox was replaced with required Resident/Non-Resident radiobutton with preselection based on the chosen state and producer's resident state.

  • Carrier/BGA Hierarchy schedule/appointment request hierarchy -> Strict mode: when the selected entity (a producer or a firm) has more than one agent code available for the requested carrier, the code field is not auto-completed anymore, but relevant options for selection are provided; if a code is entered that differs from all existing ones for this producer and carrier under the current BGA, a new contract record can be added with that code right from the hierarchy row.

  • Producer's profile -> Scan tab: A warning dialog added for cases when a multipage document is uploaded with 10 pages or more and EU selects the "multiple documents in one file" option. (Designed to prevent inadvertent 10+ page PDF upload if unintended).

  • Hierarchy schedules: new design applied to the row forms on UI.

  • Appointment Request: "States and Products" step enabled for all requests with "Payment" type.

  • Login to Appointment Request review: minor changes to UI.

  • The warning that appeared when editing producer/firm business phone in the NIPR/FIRM tab was removed.

  • Added Help button to the Explanation and Work Inbox screens.


Bug Fixes 

  • Producer's Appointment Requests list: "Reviewed" cell was clickable and was producing NULL values for IP address and reviewed date.

  • Missing Info for appointment requests: wrong category/tab was displayed in the errors list for invalid NIPR addresses.

  • Reprocessing of electronically submitted appointment requests: BGA was charged in error if appointment request was processed twice.

  • Logout: Fixed issue where "Due to inactivity, your session has expired..." error appeared inappropriately.

  • "Primary Carrier" feature: "Set States" filter didn't work properly for the appointment requests to the primary carrier.

  • Producer profile -> "Missing Info" errors list: a category wasn't displayed for some errors.

  • Forgot Password: UserID, password selection, and Next button were missing in step 2 of the forgot password workflow when producer is attached to multiple BGA.

  • Forgot password: Fixed a delay after entering a confirmation code when resetting a password.

  • Updated certain email templates to replace the affiliation name with the GA name when appropriate.

  • Licenses Tab -> Apply for NRL: Fixed issue with long state names not fitting licenses cards.

  • Firms&Institutions -> Add new Firm: Fixed bug where principal name was not displayed.

  • Firms&Institutions -> Add new Firm: Firm's affiliation wasn't automatically set when the firm is added by a subagency worker.

  • Created DBA templates were still being used even after the feature was disabled in Agency Setup.


  • A warning message will now appear when a producer exits the appointment process prematurely.


  • Producer's profile -> Fixed an issue with how some forms were being archived.

  • Appointment request -> Signatures: "None" option was missing in some scenarios.

  • Appointment request -> Miscellaneous step: Text input field for the explanation and Delete button were pushed beyond the viewable border if the uploaded file name was too long.

  • Appointment Request initiated by producer: the appointment request was automatically discarded if the producer exited without submitting it to BGA.

  • Appointment request -> Carriers list: the same carrier name was appearing twice in some cases.

  • Appointment request -> Miscellaneous step: Currency fields will now accept commas and decimals.

  • Appointment Request: Opening an existing appointment request that has been reviewed by the producer will automatically take you to the last step viewed.

  • E&O policy request -> Profile Info step: Fixed date suggestions for the "Requested Effective Date" field.


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