Release Date: May 19, 2016 (App Version 3.122.850)

Ed Gambone -

SureLC Release Notes - App Version 3.122.850

New Features

  • New requirement: All users must review and accept the SuranceBay privacy policy upon their next login. This will be required each time an update is made to the privacy policy.
  • Enhanced Producer Search: you can now search by full name as well as by partial first name, middle name, and last name.  For example, searching for “Jo Smi” will show all producers whose first name begins with “Jo” and last name begins with “Smi”.
  • When adding themselves to SureLC via Single Sign-On, producers can no longer edit information that has been obtained through SSO (such as their last name, DOB, or SSN).  This will prevent errors caused by conflicting information on future visits.
  • Producers may now save a copy of their signed appointment request upon completing the review.
  • Users can now download a copy of the business voided check.
  • Newly set up Producers will receive a Welcome Email once they activate their account.
  • Added message to the “Retrieve from NIPR” button of "There is no NPN assigned to this EIN." when a business entity does not have an NPN assigned to it.
  • Agency Setup
    • Validation Rules: The EFT and E&O data/certificate checkboxes were made more intelligent. When you require the certificate, SureLC will also automatically require the data.
  • When applicable, the BGA or Affiliation name, phone #, and email will be displayed on the login screen and when clicking on the ? button in order to provide better assistance to producers looking for support.

Bug Fixes

  • Login
    • The generic login screen is no longer displayed when a user is logged out after a period of inactivity.
  • Agency Setup
    • Add Config: The DBA Type setting will now reset after changing the Affiliation.
  • Add Producer
    • License number check is now prefix aware for Kentucky license numbers.
  • Appointment Requests
    • Resident state will now be bold, as it was in previous versions.
    • Producer numbers and Firm numbers are now required to be unique when setting an appointment request to a completed status.
    • The States and Products step will only be shown when included carrier forms are state and/or product specific.
    • Fixed an error that was appearing when exiting an appointment request before selecting a carrier or product type.
    • Changes made to the default schedules during the appointment request process were not being saved appropriately - this has been fixed.
    • Commissions step: Purged producers will no longer be listed as an option in any of the hierarchy levels.
    • When previewing documents the Send To selection(s) will be retained.
    • The downloadable copy of the paperwork available from the appointment list did not match what was actually sent to the producer when the request was processed.  This made it appear that the producer received forms such as the transmittal even though he didn’t.  This has been fixed so the downloadable copy matches what was actually sent to the producer.
    • Incorrect affiliation names appearing in email notifications has been fixed.
    • Electronically submitted appointment requests for producers who have a DBA template applied to their profile will now contain the correct forms.
    • After adding a new producer belonging to an affiliation it was possible for an agency admin to create a new appointment request for that producer with carriers that were not available to that affiliation. This is fixed so that the carrier filter will always apply to the carrier list on step 1 of the appointment request.
    • Fixed handling of payment requests to make sure the proper questions are asked and forms are included.
    • Improved validation of producer addresses to determine when to enable/disable creation of new appointment requests.
    • Fixed a problem that was preventing the upline Signature from being applied when the appointment request was processed immediately after choosing the upline on the last step of the process.
  • E&O Program
    • The producer can now update their business address while purchasing E&O coverage.
    • Fixed an issue with the auto-complete behavior of the requested effective date while purchasing E&O coverage.
    • Fax number is now optional.
    • Sending E&O offer emails is now disabled by default for all FINRA registered producers. This setting is configurable within Agency Setup > Services.
  • Producer Review
    • Better handling of the process when no documents are available for the producer to review.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented some producers from scrolling all the way to the bottom of the packet.
  • Password Recovery
    • Fixed issue where selecting to recover a password as a BGA Employee would not load the next step.
    • Fixed issue with multiple confirmation codes being sent when recovering password via SMS text message.
    • Issue with Internet Explorer 11 and BGA Employee confirmation codes has been zapped.
    • Removed password expiration warning when resetting password.
    • When a Producer has a missing validation rule, SureLC will no longer show the incorrect error, “Business type is required”.
  • Producer Profile
    • EFT tab: Uploading a new voided check will cause the previous one to be archived.
    • History tab: Address history logic was improved.
    • Contract tab: When adding a contract, the carrier list will no longer display duplicate results.
    • E&O tab: Improved the logic that auto-completes the existing E&O policy details.
    • E&O tab: Changes to existing policy details will now be saved more reliably.
    • SCAN tab: Using the “Download All” feature when viewing only BGA-specific documents will no longer include documents that are specific to other BGAs.
  • Misc
    • Adding a valid address in any relevant location will now satisfy the required validation immediately rather than after switching tabs.
    • Added notification to payment screen that ACH payments are not supported.
    • Bookmarks to the producer list will now work correctly.
    • Corrected behavior of scroll bars on pages that extend beyond the screen’s borders.
    • Licensing Submitter Options: “Paid By” selection will now be saved more reliably.
    • The Affiliation will no longer be automatically assigned to a newly added producer when the custom URL parameter “branchRequired” is set to 'off'.
    • Restored the logic that replaces the BGA name with the Affiliation name in the “Appointment Request” email notice that is sent to the BGA.
    • Fixed an issue where validation rules were not being updated in some instances when a user logged out.
    • The updated date was not being saved after clicking “Reconfirm” for the background questions while processing an appointment request . This has been fixed.
    • Saving a search on the producer list screen did not work correctly when the “Suspend initial retrieval” setting was disabled. This is fixed.
    • Long affiliation names will now be truncated on the screen to prevent display problems. A tooltip that displays the full name will appear when hovering over the name with the mouse pointer.
    • Resolved a problem that was causing SureLC to freeze when trying to view the last step of the appointment process for some carriers.
    • Improved validation of employment and address history when applying for Non-Resident License.

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