Producer cannot see entire SureLC screen.

Dennis Pavluk -

My producer called me and says he/she can't scroll down on his/her NIPR Tab in order to enter in their Mailing, Resident and Business Addresses. The screen is cut off and there's nothing they can do. It looks like this is an issue on all of his/her SureLC screen. What's wrong with your system? 

Nothing. This is an issue with his/her internet browser being zoomed in too close so that the entire SureLC screen does not show.

For whichever internet browser he/she is using, find the zoom controls and zoom out on the page as needed. This will allow the entire SureLC screen to show on his/her monitor.

If the zoom is not the issue, then his/her monitor settings are set incorrectly. His/her monitor resolution needs to be set to 1280 x 800 minimnum. 

If you need them, the links below will take you to tutorial articles all about how to adjust the zoom on all three of the major internet browsers in use these days. 

Internet Explorer zoom instructions:

Google Chrome zoom instructions:

FireFox zoom instructions:

Additionally, SureLC was designed for a monitor with a minimum resolution of 1280 x 800. You can use a higher resolution if you desire but nothing lower. ex. 1024 x 680. 

Click the following links to find directions about changing your monitor resolution.

Remember that adjusting the screen resolution also changes the size of other programs you use.  

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    Aurren Ryld

    This does not fix the issue at hand as if the zoom were the issue, then you'd be able to scroll down to the further parts of the page. This problem is an internet page/program problem and needs to be remedied at that appropriate level.

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    Knoche, Jennifer

    Is this still accurate, if we use it for reference?