The "Download Forms" button is missing from my Carriers Tab.

Dennis Pavluk -

Agency Admin: I am on my SureLC Carriers Tab under Agency Set Up and the Download Forms button is not there. Can you please fix this form me? 

SB Support Team: Are you using the web version of SureLC?

Agency Admin: Yes

SB Support Team: Unfortunately, the Download Forms function of SureLC is not available in the web version. 

Agency Admin: So what do I do. 

SB Support Team: You will need to use the desktop version of SureLC. The Download Forms function is only available in this version of the software. 

Agency Admin: Where do I get the desktop version of SureLC. 

SB Support Team: Use the link below. Once on the download screen, click Install Now and follow the prompts.

Agency Admin: Great! Thanks. 

SB Support Team: Hold on a minute there sparky, once you have downloaded the desktop version of SureLC, you will want to check your Adobe Reader settings to make sure Reader will work with SureLC. This will avoid any error messages you might get when using this version of the software. Use the link below to go to the very simple instructions on how to check that configuration.

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