When I process a contract, the forms don't display for me to preview.

Susan Hamilton-Bastida -

While on Step 5 of the appointment process, when I press process it is not stopping on each form to review?

There are 2 reason this could be happening:

  1. You are currently using the Web Version of SureLC.
    1. The web version has limitations compared to using the Desk-top version. For the difference Between the Web version and the Desk-top version, please Click here  
    2. To download the Desk-top Version please Click here – make sure you check your Adobe Reader settings- for instructions Click here
  2. The Pause button have been chosen
    1. On step 5 of the appointment process, along the bottom of the screenPause_buttons.png

When Pause “All” is selected, the process will stop on all forms (Pause buttons will be blue).Pause_blue.png

When Pause “None” is selected the process will not stop on any forms (Pause buttons will be grey).






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    Knoche, Jennifer

    Can this article be archived or updated with the new web version that has been released?