Why is there a Red Flag in the Reviewed column on my producers Appointments Page?

Dennis Pavluk -

When I am looking at a producers Appointments page, I see a Red Flag in the Reviewed column for one of his/her appointment requests. Here is a screen shot showing what I see. What gives here? 

What gives is that your agency sent this producer a Review Request over 48 hours ago and he/she still hasn't completed it. 

Well, how would I have known what the Red Flag meant had I not asked? 

Look in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Click on Legend. This will show you what the various icons you will see on the Appointments screen mean. See the Red Flag? That means the request "was sent for review more than 48 hours ago." 

Looking at the legend, you will see that a white Hourglass icon means the review request was sent less than 24 hours ago. A red Hourglass icon means the review was sent between 24 and 48 hours ago. Also, a green check mark means the review was completed. 

Well, that makes perfect sense, but what if I need to send the review request again?

Simple, just click on the Hourglass or Red Flag icon in the Reviewed column, verify or input another e-mail address, then click Re-request Review. 


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