Why is it that I cannot change when License Renewal notifications go out to a specific producer?

Dennis Pavluk -

When I go to a specific producers Licenses Tab and click on Notifications, the section under Producer Settings is greyed out. I want to change the time frame of when that producer gets license renewal reminder notifications, but I can't change anything there. What's happening? 

What's happening there is that the producer has gone into their Licenses Tab and also clicked on Notifications and made an adjustment as to the time frame of when he/she, if ever, will receive the license renewal reminder notifications. If this is the case, you as an admin CANNOT make any changes to that section. 

Example: You have SureLC set up to send license renewal notifications to ALL of your producers one month prior to expiration. (this is the global setting under Licenses on your Agency Set Up/General Info Tab)

Your producer, Susie Smith, gets the renewal reminder and decides that she no longer wants those notifications. She logs into her SureLC profile under your agency and goes to her Licenses Tab and clicks Notifications and chooses Never, logs out and goes her merry way. 

Later, you as an admin decide that Susie should actually get a license renewal reminder 2 months prior to expiration so you go into her profile and click on her Licenses Tab and click Notifications. Because Susie went in previously and changed the selection to Never, you will not be able to make any changes to that section. It is the producer that gets the final say on when, if ever, she gets the license renewal notifications and you cannot override that. 



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