Penn Mutual - Forms Excluded

Chris Toth -

We're working with this carrier to allow all forms through SureLC.  However, Penn Mutual has asked us to not include the following:

  • 11BR Checklist (PM8056)
  • 11BR Application (PM8054)
  • IFN Broker's Contract Individual (PM6259)
  • PIA Broker's Contract Individual (PM6260)
  • Commission Schedules / Expense Allowance Agreements.
  • Field Technology Resources (PM6216)
  • Direct Deposit (PM5723)


We hope to have this changed in time, but at this point we're not be able to support these particular forms through SureLC.  They'll need to be completed outside the software.

If you have any questions please direct them to either Nancy Miller or Christine Friel at Penn Mutual.


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