PLIC / PLA - How do I add this carrier?

Chris Toth -

Pacific Life has requested a verification step be implemented in order to have access to their contracting forms.  This is to ensure your agency is being setup with the forms package that your Marketing Contact at PLIC/PLA has advised.

To initiate the verification step:

  • Go to your Agency L&C Setup page
  • Click on the carrier tab
  • Select the Pacific Life channel you would like to market
  • Acknowledge the pop-up.

You'll get a response from our team requesting a copy of the forms:

  • Reply back with copies of all forms your agency will need access to
  • If you don't have any forms, reach out to your Marketing Contact at PLIC/PLA to provide them to you, then forward these on to us.


We'll ensure the forms needed are allocated, and will reply back once the carrier is activated and ready to go.






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